Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Liberal Youth England Chair Manifesto

I'm reviving this blog temporarily to use for my campaign to be Liberal Youth England (LYE) Chair. You can find my campaign facebook page here and below is how I announced my candidacy:

These would be the goals I aim to achieve as LYE Chair:
  • To hold at least one annual conference Liberal Youth England
  • Reform the regional chairs system to make it more effective in supporting branches
  • Work towards having large county/city branches to cover areas of England where no branches exist at present
  • Build a dedicated support team to provide specific types of support to branches and members - in areas such as organisation, recruitment, events, campaigning, websites and emails
  • Take back policy making powers for England from federal LY - with a constitutional amendment to the first LYE Conference so members can decide for themselves
  • Improve accessibility for members - including online participation and organising carpooling to events
  • Set up our own website to give us a distinct online presence and identity
While I think this can be done within the existing budget I will also seek to get more funds for LYE the English Liberal Democrats.

And finally I want to change our name to English Liberal Youth so we have a pronounceable acronym.


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