Wednesday, 11 September 2013

New Purpose

As is pretty obvious, I haven’t been blogging a lot lately (no updates for over a month - woo!). This is mainly because I’ve found myself both busy with other things and tending to vent about topical issues elsewhere rather than having the time to sit down and blog about them.

I don’t want to give up on this blog though so I’ve decided to adopt a new approach to it. While I’m not going to rule out writing posts about current events, I’m going to try to focus much more on posts actually explaining the process of politics itself and the background of current political stories.

My reasoning behind this is that people like me who are actively involved in politics aren’t normal. We’re actually very, very weird. Most of the people I know in politics know about and could name at least a dozen people on average from each major political party. Polls show that the average person, on the other hand, mainly just knows the name of the Prime Minister, the name of the leader of the opposition and possibly the name of the Chancellor.

This really reinforces the idea of the ‘Westminster bubble’ - a little world of its own where politicians, journalists, commentators and other members of the media reside and are hyper aware of what’s going on while outside of the bubble the vast majority of the country has only the vaguest of inklings about things which people in the bubble assume to be common knowledge.

If I were to talk about RISOs, Focus leaflets, knocking up, GOTV, Connect and PPCs most of my fellow Liberal Democrats would instantly know what I was talking about. Almost everyone else would be completely baffled.

And since most people don’t have the time or inclination to spend the equivalent of a part time jobs worth of effort to be involved in politics to the extent that people inside the Westminster bubble are, I’ve decided it would be helpful if there was someone out there actually breaking political stories and processes down into something which you don’t need to be a complete politics geek to understand.

Given that my doing this would actually give this blog a purpose, and give people more of a reason to read it, I consider that changing the point of this blog to that is something of a win-win.

So look forward to seeing, in the near future, an explanation of the esoteric and occult world of marked and unmarked electoral registers - what they are, why they matter and what politicians do with your information that’s recorded on them.

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