Sunday, 4 August 2013

Dear Daily Mail: fuck you

The excellent Mark Pack has written a post reminding us that the Daily Mail considers everyone born overseas and everyone with parents born overseas to be a foreigner.

Now, firstly, there's nothing wrong with being a foreigner and only xenophobic bigots think otherwise.

But, secondly, I'm one of those people the Daily Mail would consider a foreigner.

My parents were both born in Britain and were British citizens but I happened to be born abroad, in Belgium. I was registered as a British citizen from birth, we visited England regularly while we lived in Belgium and I myself have lived in England ever since I was five years old.

But the Daily Mail considers me to be a foreigner. And by including the likes of me as a foreigner they get to make up big scary statistics about so many millions of people being foreigners taking this country away from decent British folk.

Well I'm British and I'm English. I was born an Englishman and a British citizen and I will die an Englishman and a British citizen.

And if the Daily Mail choose to insist otherwise then they can go fuck themselves for all I care.


  1. Nice title. Says everything anybody needs to know about the intellectual level of the totalitarian pseudo-liberals.

    1. Well isn't that interesting, seeing as the far right(including daily mail readers) can't be particularly intelligent seeing as they think climate change is an ''unproven science'' and that Brexit was a good idea in any way...

  2. I abhor all this "foreigner" crap from bigots.

    I have to say that the Better Together campaign in Scotland use it as one of their scare tactics. Margrit Curren worries that her son, at university in England (well, she's an MP; she can afford that), will be a foreigner if Scotland becomes independent. Presumably she will cease to love him if he does. Doest say much for her credentials as a socialist or a mother.

    The Daily Mail does its damnedest to stir up racial hatred where it can. Its thin lipped wrinkled faced vinegar titted readers like, indeed expect, that sort of thing.

    I'm not sure that anyone actually takes it seriously, although their hatred does percolate into the consciousness of the country which seems, compared to other countries that I've lived in, to be uncomfortably xenophobic. Doubtless because the Mail is not alone in spreading hatred of foreigners. The Sun, Star, Express and to a lesser extent the broadsheets do so as well.

    I think the title of the piece is ok. The Daily Mail doesn't really deserve a lot of thought. It certainly never expends much itself. There's not much else that you can say to them. You can't argue using logic. Paul Dacre's logic is that his readers like that kind of thing, therefore it makes money, therefore it on the front page.

  3. We have a Government that plays the racist card with the phone if you are a illegal immigrant.
    This has caused race abuse to legal British Immigrants.A ploy to appeal to UKIP type voters.
    I remember watching on TV the race segregation marches in America.I remember Martin Luther Kings speeches.I remember negroes being beaten by American Police for using the wrong buses or the wrong wash rooms.
    I deplore any and all racial hatred.It just stirs up other hatred.But we have a divide and conquer Government.So this is what we get,aided and abetted by the likes of the Daily Heil

  4. I completely agree that the hate-filled rhetoric have no place in modern society but it's easy too see why people are sucked into reading it


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