Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Parking on double yellow lines

In the news this week is the story that the Conservatives want to allow parking, for up to fifteen minutes, on double yellow lines and, to do this, they want to order councils not to enforce parking fines for people parking on yellow lines for fifteen minutes or less. The idea being that this will help local shops by letting people stop easily to quickly nip in and out.

Now the Liberal Democrats aren't so keen on this idea while most Conservatives seem to be. I imagine part of this is that Liberal Democrats don't like central government dictating to local government how to run their own affairs.

But more importantly, and something that I very much agree with, is that double yellow lines exist for a reason. Specifically, they exist to stop people parking in places where it is dangerous to do so.

Shops could definitely be helped by less parking restrictions but I can't help but think it might be a better idea to help them by scrapping double yellow lines where they're no longer needed, or introducing short term parking bays, rather than making all double yellow lines useless everywhere.


  1. Your point that these lines, by and large, are there for a reason, is well made.

    In Scotland, parking on double yellows has been, for many years, decriminalised. The police no longer interest themselves with the "offence"; it is the preserve of traffic wardens, who do not work after around 5.30 or on Sundays.

    As a result people park on the lines with impunity "out of hours" meaning that it is often impossible to see traffic coming as you attempt to pull out into a main road.

    Of course, Mr Pickle's suggestions don't have any force in Scotland, but I'd certainly counsel against them.

    In any case it's time we stopped pandering to the fact that people won't walk any more that 5 feet.

    1. Good point raised! Appreciate your thoughts!
      Steve Paul

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