Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I'm one of those the Daily Mail warned you about

So lots of people (especially the Daily Mail and miscellaneous xenophobes) are panicking about the census showing that the number of people living in Britain born abroad has reached 7.5 million people.

Well, before everyone starts panicking, it's time for me to make a confession.

You see, I'm one of those 7.5 million people born abroad. And so is my brother. Yup, we're the ones the Daily Mail is warning you about.

Except that I was born to British parents who just so happened to be working abroad in Belgium when I was born, and that I've been a British citizen all my life, went to an English speaking school abroad and then moved back here when I was five. And except that my father was English, his father was English, his father was English and his father was English, etc. making me just about as English as the most racist xenophobe could possibly ask for. (For the record, my mother was English, her mother was English and her mother was half-Welsh - so I do let the pure-blooded Englishman nonsense down somewhat on that account).

So really, where someone was born really doesn't mean a damn thing. Particularly given that, with the economic crisis, we've seen a lot of British expatriates coming back to Britain - often with children who were born overseas.

And what I'm trying to say, I guess, is that the headline figure isn't an accurate figure of the number of immigrants in the UK (as the pearl-clutching Daily Mail likes to pretend it is). So you know, maybe take the figures with a pinch of salt than as gospel.

Besides, the number of foreign born people in the UK is nothing at all compared to the utter disaster of the 50% drop in the number of Jedi in the UK.


  1. "I'm one of those the Daily Mail warned you about."

    Frankly,I think the Mail type rhetoric,is a type of obfuscation of what is really going on in the country.

    Such as Towel Folder Gideon is messing up the economy big time and should never have given up the day job.

    Or many will be homeless next year,and may freeze to death next winter,due to the bebdroom tax.

    The Mail and the Sun,gets the Flag Waving red-necks to go on the rampage with their gob at the local so no-one sees what is really happening.

    Welcome to 1984,the year when IDS became King of Propaganda.When the BBC became far better at Propaganda than Pravda ever was.When Putin,sends representatives to the UK to study how Great Britain has become the Propaganda Capital of the World.

  2. And all those army brats who were born in Germany - the British Army of the Rhine military hospitals had maternity wards.

  3. And, for those across the Atlantic who want to talk about "Eurabia", you'll probably find yourself to be considered a "European Muslim"

  4. Of Topic.

    But Merry Christmas George Potter.And hopefully a Happy New Year to you.You are one of a kind.And a good one at that.

    Best Wishes from Peter Benson.


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