Friday, 26 October 2012

Proof that the DWP work programme has failed

So, here's an interesting fact:

The DWP paid the private company A4Ee a total of £41 million between June 2011 and June 2012. This money was for the DWP's work programme where various organisations are paid to find jobs for unemployed people.

But, as reported by Channel 4 FactCheck, out of the 93,000 people A4e was paid to find work for, only 3,400 of them actually found sustained work. That means the taxpayer is paying out something to the tune of £12,000 for every unemployed person got into work.

Now, I'm pretty sure that that is most definitely not what would be considered value for money. And the really shocking thing is that, to comply with the DWP contract, A4e would only need to have found jobs for 5,115 of the 93,000 on its books. So, to put it another way, the DWP is quite happy to pay a private company £8,000 per person to get them into work through the work programme.

Well, here's an idea, how about we spend that money on more staff at job centres and better training for them so they actually have the time and skills to help people find work. Or how about we pay a tiny fraction of that money to unemployed people in the form of vouchers to help them train and get qualifications which would make them more employable?

But we're not, of course, because, while the tories running the DWP love the idea of stripping benefits from those who can't find jobs in a time when there are more unemployed people than jobs available in order to save money, they clearly don't see anything wrong with paying exorbitant sums of money to the private sector to do fuck all to get unemployed people jobs.

Seriously, did no one in the DWP at any point sit down and do the maths on the contracts? Is no one there bothered by the manifest failure of the work programme to achieve anything worthwhile?

The mind just boggles at this kind of waste of taxpayer money.


  1. Giselle Williams26 October 2012 at 14:08

    Good article, George, thank you.

    And I entirely agree with your comments that it would be more beneficial to all (except the privateers, of course) for this government funding to be spent within the Job Centre auspices and improving training for job prospects. It is a wholly unaccountable rip off of the taxpayer at the moment - as well as an unmitigated failure.

    How do you stop it when the government is on a mission to outsource/privatise everything which exists, regardless of the cost to the taxpayer?

    I'm even wondering why Maude has been able, without any consultation, to let for a paltry sum to a privateer the Admiralty Arch. Surely, some Public works improvements could have been made and this building which "normal" people only see from the outside could have been turned in to a tourist attraction. I, for one, would have paid an entrance fee. Now, this building is going to be for the elite and it will only be a matter of time before citizens and visitors will be prohibited from even walking underneath it. I despair. Is there anything at all that this government is going to leave behind, in a good state, when it goes in 2015?

  2. I do agree with the article,except you failed to mention that the people who found a job will also generate another income stream for A4E upon reaching 3/6/12 months of employment and the amounts can be more than the person working actually makes.I had to sign a new WP contract,there total investment is 6 Hours a year or 30 minutes a month,when I find employment there payout will be over £13000.00 just over £2000.00 per hour of time invested..Bloody shambles!

  3. The only thing this govt are abotu is syphoning off every penny this country may have left and forwarding it to their eton pals. It is blatantly obvious they hate the plebs and the disabled who are not making them money. No longer is this country great, no longer are we the mother country, now all we are is a country falling to bits governed by twits who seem to have their heads under the sand and not care about anyone below them - BUT - The people are the ones who carry the high and mighty on their back and WHEN (not if) they revolt - and they will as this treatment is sending them there - Then you wil see what you have done - and the Lib Dems (not you personally) by doing nothing to stand up for the people - Are complicit in all that this Coalition has done - by not DOING anythign to stop this wrecking of the country - Lib Dems are just as guilty as the Conservascum. Tantamount to murderers. If I saw a man dying at my feet and I did nothing but stand and tell him to get up and get a job - Then I have aided in his death by doing nothing - THIS is what Clegg and Company are doing - And this is the reason that Lib Dems have slit their own throat.

  4. Letter To Liberal Democrats: Disabled People Need Your Help

    Not only has your party allowed cuts in welfare to be pushed through which means that disabled and ill people are being left destitute, you are allowing an alleged 73 deaths of vulnerable people (per week av) to happen as well

    We are being silenced – blogs and websites are being taken offline, and lies are being spread

    Disability hate crime is up by 20% nationally and disabled people are being punished and having their independence taken away – just for being who we are

    It is NOT our fault that we cannot 'contribute' the way people with jobs do. It is not my fault that we spend our lives suffering and in pain. Can't you see that we suffer enough already?! All this destroys lives, attacks self esteem and makes us feel utterly worthless, when we are not

    Without the help of your party, the Welfare Reform Bill would not have been passed through Parliament. Disabled and ill people who have been desperate enough to take their own lives, or died after being found 'fit for work' by ATOS, would be alive today
    Imagine yourselves in our position. We are only trying to live our lives in the most normal way we can, and yet everyday this government (a government YOUR PARTY is part of) is killing people

    The 'scrounger rhetoric' is brutal. Disabled and ill people are not workshy or feckless and none of us want to 'live off the state'. I would give anything -ANYTHING -for things to be different! Cerebral Palsy is not a choice, constant pain and limitations are not a choice

    How do you think we feel every day of our lives? How do you think you feel if you knew that you were trapped with a disabled or illness that was never going to end

    Ask yourselves how you would feel if you also knew that no matter how loudly you shouted, nobody was hearing your voice or caring what happened to you? Ask yourselves you would feel, if on top of that, people were trying actively to shut you up

    I want you to know (if you don't already) that the real disability benefit fraud figures are ONLY 0.5pc for Disability Living Allowance, and 1.5pc for Employment Support Allowance. A far cry from the 75% fraud rate that the Condems would have society believe

    Now I know that most of you did not sign up for such brutality, and I know that you may be disgusted by what's happening here, but the thing is that it's happening IN YOUR NAME It's happening in the names of everyone who does not make a stand, or simply thinks this is someone else's problem to deal with

    Our hearts are being broken, our lives are being destroyed, many of us are scared to go out in case we are physically or verbally attacked – and now for some, our homes aren't safe either

    Please, please, (and I'll beg, if I have to) at least ask yourselves if this is something you really want to be part of, because while you are a Liberal Democrat, I'm sorry, but you are

    WE NEED HELP! PLEASE do not let our voices go unheard

    Helen Sims

  5. I am unemployed on the WP. I do support the government in cuts to DLA and other benefits because unfortunately there are many taking the Michael. The Work Programme money going into private pockets would be better spent on real vocational/educational training not the usual jobcentre schemes. I don't think anymore should be spent on the Jobcentre training just proper college education readying people with skills for the upturn. In the meantime they should stop harrying jobseekers who are the most accountable benefit claimants. Sanctions should be abolished they are not civilised.

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