Sunday, 21 October 2012

Osborne and the "culture of entitlement"

So, in case you missed it, George Osborne, our beloved Chancellor of the Exchequer, was caught in first class on a train with a standard class ticket and refusing to move to standard class because, as his aide put it, Osborne 'couldn't possibly sit in standard class'.

But the ticket collector wouldn't budge and, depending on which newspaper you read, Osborne either ended up moving to standard class or stumping up the £160 extra for a first class ticket.

Now apparently the excuse being put round the Westminster village by George Osborne now is that it's his aide's fault for not having the Crown Pass with them.

For those who don't know, the Crown Pass (otherwise known as the silver badge) is a special badge which all important members of the government carry. It's basically their passport to get round roadblocks, and various other traffic obstacles which might impede ministers from getting somewhere they need to be on government business. Which is fair enough as, if you've got a checkpoint searching for a suspect, said suspect isn't likely to be found by searching a minister's car.

But a silver badge is not meant for allowing arrogant prats with a superiority complex to avoid paying £160 for a first class train ticket. So this being Osborne's excuse is even more disgusting than his insistence on sitting in first class without a ticket in the first place.

And the thing is, it's not that long ago that David Cameron was talking about a "culture of entitlement" amongst welfare recipients. How there are these evil, wicked parasites who think they are entitled to a life of ease while everyone else has to work hard to get by and pay their way.

And of course, people thinking they are "entitled" to things is an old tory complaint. Why, the year before I was born Margaret Thatcher said that there were young people in the nation's schools who thought that they were entitled to an inalienable right to be gay.

Well, I hate to break it to the tories but gay people have a right to be gay. And people who've lost their job and can't find another one because there aren't enough jobs to go around do have a right not to be left to go cold or hungry and be abandoned by society and the state.

On the other hand, George Osborne is not entitled to demand freebies and special treatment just because he thinks he is. Does he need special treatment on occasion for the purposes of his job? Yes. Does he need or deserve to be able to use his job to try to avoid paying the £160 that you and I would have to pay for a first class ticket? No.

But in many ways, David Cameron is right. There are people in our society who think they are entitled to a free ride, who belong to a "culture of entitlement". But those people are his own colleagues and best friends in the tory party. And when those people go around demanding to be treated as above and better than everyone else then they are being part of that culture of entitlement.

And when they criticise families working every hour that they can get just to hold their heads above water for thinking themselves "entitled" then that just makes them disgusting hypocrites of the worst kind as well.


  1. I know this has nothign at all to do with your post - But for me it is relevant today - Child support - They want ME to pay because he wont pay and they hafta go after him?????? How is that my fault. He refuses to pay!!!

    CSA shoudl HELP the parent with care - DWP should force them to pay or take away their driving licence!

    Yet they let my child go without - because his father is a feckless idiot who does nothing and keeps all his money to himself. I am paying the price for this - The govt should help me. Why will nobody help the people of this country - Nobody who earns millions pays any bloody tax - The children get no help from absent fathers and the disabled may as well top themselves

    Oh what a joy this life is!

    sorry, having a hard day - Mum having treatment also and i am stressed and broke, and getting no help

  2. It's really bizarre that David Cameron condemns a "culture of entitlement", while he and his cabinet colleagues have benefitted from inherited wealth (to which they were entitled, of course). It would not enter his his head to question his entitlement to privatye education and a trouble-free existence. IO don't think the Conservatives are necessarily bad. They are just hopelessly out of touch.

  3. Osbourne is typical of his class.I am important,get out of my way.I have a huge ego and you lot are useless oinks.

    If he could,he would have had that guard fired.

    That guard is a Hero.He was not frightened of a over privileged Oaf.He did is job,and did not cower.If I ever meet him,the guard that is.I would but him a double scotch.

  4. thanks for sharing...


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