Thursday, 13 September 2012

Lib Dem MPs back Equal Citizenship motion

Well, I've got some good news for a change - several Liberal Democrat MPs, including the party president, Tim Farron, and former leader Sir Menzies Campbell are backing the Equal Citizenship policy motion, due to be debated and voted on at Lib Dem conference later this month, which calls for an independent review of the impact of the Welfare Reform Act, for proper reform of assessment mechanism of disability benefits, changes to means testing thresholds for disability benefits and action, including a public awareness campaign to tackle disability hate crime, in order start empowering and enabling sick and disabled people to be able to be full equal citizens in our society rather than marginalised.

This is the list of MPs who've backed the motion:

Sir Malcolm Bruce MP
Sir Menzies Campbell, former Leader of the Liberal Democrats
Tim Farron MP, Party President of the Liberal Democrats
Stephen Gilbert MP
Stephen Lloyd MP
Adrian Sanders MP

With these MPs supporting the motion hopefully this time, if the motion does get passed, it won't be promptly ignored by the leadership.


  1. "for proper reform of assessment mechanism of disability benefit."

    I cannot see the Tories having any of that George,even if the LibDem leaders do agree.So we are looking after the 2015 Election,if the coalition lasts.Also The LibDems would have to exclude a Tory coalition,which would mean a mind shift at the top.And getting rid of ATOS.

  2. Ummmmm - Can you tell the peeps at Lib Dem HQ that UC is a waste of time and BILLIONS o pounds of money

    Seriously - This is such a farce

  3. someone said *So to get this in perspective the government have so far spent an estimated £113 m to save £6 m approx at a cost of 1000 lives & untold suffering amongst the sick & disabled & they expect us to trust them with economy*
    how true that is


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