Tuesday, 4 September 2012

IDS Downfall video

For those who are unaware there's a film, called Downfall, which is set in Hitler's bunker in the last days of the Third Reich. There's a scene in it where a furious Hitler launches an angry tirade at his generals following the realisation that the war is lost. The internet has turned this into a meme by changing the subtitles on the clip to make it appear that Hitler is talking about current events instead - or possibly changing it so that Hitler is someone else entirely.

And now one of them has been done for Iain Duncan-Smith - the minister presiding over some truly brutal cuts to disability benefits and support for vulnerable people. Given that the reshuffle is going on, it might well be that IDS is no longer in charge of the Department for Work and Pensions by the end of the day - in which case I'll probably have to make a parody of my own.

Anyway, here's the video. Enjoy.


  1. Thanks George,enjoyed it.

    Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction as the saying goes.

  2. That is very funny the switch up today wasnt tho

    I read a very true comment.....It said - It doesn't matter who gets what job, NOTHING is going to get better. The whole political system is abysmal. The Govt are unaccountable (apart from booing them) they are TOTALLY corrupt! The opposition is impotent and bereft of any reasonable solutions or policies. The Money people are running the country and they are carving it up and sharing it out amongst themselves under a massive privatisation scheme that will be done before the 2015 election.

    Unfortunately that is so true. And i woudl have looked to the IbDems to have a semblance of humanity - but since Cleggy has deviated to the inhumane end of the scale - There is now nowhre to turn - But to YOU.

    So - I would beg of you to do something - I know you are only one person, and maybe i ask too much of you but - who else is there that disabled people can trust?

    1. Well, I, and plenty of other grassroots Lib Dems, are doing all we can and are having some minor successes. Unfortunately we're rather restricted in what we're able to do but I'm hoping for some victories at Lib Dem conference later this month.

    2. I pray that somebody does something. I have been going through so many problems - exacerbation of my illness bcause of this WCA fear. Itis like waiting for death (Tho maybe that is easir tbh) youare waiting for something - fear of envelopes, i live in fear, and i am disabled, not a faker, have many specialists to say, but.. the WCA doesnt care abut that all it cars abut is chucking people off, if i sign on right - I am then a fraudster as when you sign on youare saying you are able to work, but i know im not. So i am tuned into a liar and a fraudster by force. How correct is that? The WRAG is forcing people to sign contracts and to look for 12 jobs a fortnight and prove it - so whats the diff between that and JSA? The WRAG is meant to be to help people get ready for work and move into it - Not to force them to ind a job immediately. i just fear for life at this time, and I know i will end up with no esa no jsa and no home. And they will outlaw living on the streets so the prisons will be full of the disabled who 'broke laws'

      somebody needs to DO something. (and sorry but i wil not be able to vote for LD as atthis time theystabbed me in the bakc badly) I have an incurable illnbess, it is progressive, i dont drink or take drugs (bar doctors ones) yet i am treated worse than a sewer rat

  3. Interestingly, this is being touted on Twitter right now as "Fresh from conference".


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