Sunday, 23 September 2012

About to give a speech

I'm typing this quickly because I'm about to go to a question and answer session with Nick Clegg at Lib Dem autumn conference where I intend to ask an awkward question if I get called to speak.

So, just as a brief update, at 15.05 I go to the question and answer session with Nick Clegg, where I have submitted this question:
What is fair or liberal about us cutting Disability Living Allowance by 20% and taking Employment Support Allowance away from vulnerable sick and disabled people?
After which, it's my Equal Citizenship motion, which is backed by party members including the cabinet minister Jeremy Browne, former leader Sir Menzies Campbell, and party president Tim Farron.

I'm summating the motion and Kelly-Marie Blundell is proposing it.

If you haven't got time to read the full thing, basically it's about getting a full, independent review of the cuts to disability benefits in the Welfare Reform Act with the goal of reversing them and about proper action to tackle disability hate crime. Additionally, an amendment has been proposed to the motion which would block any further cuts to welfare this parliament. And, if the motion is passed by conference, it becomes official party policy.

That said, the Deputy Prime Minister's office (though not Nick Clegg himself) has given us the message that even if the motion is passed they'll ignore it. Given that this is grossly unconstitutional, I look forward to seeing how conference react to this when I mention it in my speech.

So, that's the update. And I'll do an update either later today or tomorrow about whether it was passed or not.


  1. Followed the feed on twitter, well done for getting it passed; but no one mentioned on twitter about the motion being ignored even if it did pass. Concerning. Still, amazingly debated and well done.

  2. Thank you George Potter.


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