Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Things that happened yesterday

So yesterday the Lords reforms were dropped. Though it's an utter kick in the teeth that we Lib Dems have voted through plenty of fairly nasty tory policies and not got anything in return, at least Clegg finally seems to have woken up to the fact that the tories can't be trusted - something which much more experienced people in the party have been trying to tell him all along.

So, in return we've killed the boundary changes and reduction in the number of seats - partly for tit for tat to remind the tories why they shouldn't go breaking the coalition agreement and partly because without a more democratic House of Lords to scrutinise the government better then reducing the number of MPs just increases the proportion of MPs who are employed by the government and are therefore obligated to always vote with it which is obviously less democratic.

There have been, and will be, lots of articles about this so I'm not really going to talk about it. However, what I will talk about are the other notable things that happened yesterday:

  • Team GB continued to win lots of medals.
  • A young Lib Dem friend of mine from Scotland called Alex proposed the idea of slash fiction of Nick Clegg and myself (if you don't know what slash fiction is and you're of a sensitive disposition then please don't look it up) while another of my friends offered to write it. Ew.
  • I got told to "pipe down" on twitter by Labour MP Tom Watson after I reminded him of Labour's role in blocking Lords reform - and, after a lengthy twitter conversation, he offered to give me a back massage. Double ew. Though on the plus side, it does give me something to cross off on my politics bingo card.
  • The twitter account for the Mars Curiosity rover demonstrated a penchant for swearing.
  • Tories threw major tantrums about Lib Dems following the letter of the coalition agreement and only bringing forward a bill on boundary changes rather than voting for it.

So, all in all, I suppose yesterday wasn't too bad :)


  1. 'So, all in all, I suppose yesterday wasn't too bad :)'

    Really George, Yesterday was just another nail in the coffin of the Liberal Democrat party. I think the term Feckless should from now on be used to describe Lib Dem MPs, Simply because they still refuse to accept that they have been taken over by the torie right, (Laws, Alexander). And are being led to a slaughter.

    Incompetent or ignorance is not an excuse on this one and Simon Hughs on Newsnight was just Poor, Same nonsense about rebuilding economy that was broken by inept Austerity, In fact the entire arguement about this moron coalition 'the markets say we have a brilliant plan' the markets in the City of London & Wall Street, the same markets that will destroy are economy with the derivatives products that are more than likely going to be further protected from regulation as Gideon will no doubt make sure of that, Honestly the mind boggles.

    But you are right there was some good news yesterday, but you missed it, A torie decided to pack her bags and take a walk.

  2. I was livid wi Labour over th way that they handle this. First they claimed they would support the bill but didn't step up to support a key vote which had to be dropped.

    They claimed they thought there wasn't enough time dedicated to the issue and they would support the bill itself yet they ruled it any deals with the government when it was suggested that the government would talk to them about their concerns with the bill and take some of those concerns on board.

    If they truly do want to support Lords reform why do they seem so set on getting in the way?


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