Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Equal Citizenship motion accepted!


I received an email yesterday informing me of the excellent news that the Equal Citizenship motion on disability welfare issues has been accepted for debate at Lib Dem autumn conference in Brighton.

So I just want to say a big, big thank you to everyone who helped get the motion this far - the next step is going to be lobbying MPs and local parties to get them to vote for the motion in the debate :)

For reference, this is the email I received:
Dear George,
The conference committee decided yesterday to accept your motion for debate at the autumn conference. However, they wished to remove the last line as the FPC has already decided to do a general review of welfare issues. In addition, a number of specific drafting issues were raised by the DWP Parliamentary Committee and the FCC would like these to be addressed as far as possible. 
Perhaps you and [name] could put your heads together in the next week or so to sort these out? 
Best wishes,
So the good news from this is that the Federal Policy Committee will be doing a review of welfare issues - something which is long overdue and which should give people from all across the spectrum to contribute and to come up with something much more comprehensive than a conference policy motion can be.

I don't know what the other specific drafting issues are yet but I'll be sure to blog again once the redrafting has taken place in order to make sure that a final version of it is available.

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  1. The last line was for a policy review of illness and disability issues... but they're saying that's obviated by a review of welfare issues. Assuming that, as it usually does, this means welfare benefits, then that's missing the point, a little. Illness and disability issues are much broader than just welfare benefits.

    Of course, your motion addresses those points in many other places. I'm just puzzled by the response you got.

    Thank you for continuing to raise these issues with your party.


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