Sunday, 17 June 2012

The FCC needs to get their act together

I just sent the draft motion on Equal Citizenship (the updated version of this draft motion can be found here) off to the Lib Dem Federal Conference Committee (FCC) for drafting advice. This involved emailing the specific email address they have set up to provide drafting advice.

Here's the auto reply email I just got:
The deadline for advice requests on amendments and emergency motions for Newcastle/Gateshead has now passed.

The deadline for amendments and emergency motions to the Newcastle/Gateshead Conference is 13.00 on Tuesday 6th March 2012. They should be sent to

The Conference Committee will meet to select which amendments will be taken for debate and which motions will be included in the ballot on the afternoon of 9th March. The Committee's decisions will be made available on the party website.
Here's the problem with that email. The Newcastle/Gateshead conference was our spring conference from the start of this year. So the FCC hasn't updated their auto reply yet despite the fact that the deadline for motions advice for our autumn conference in Brighton is in just three days time.

And this failure to update their auto reply isn't a new problem as I had exactly the same thing happen to me when I submitted a draft motion to them for drafting advice ahead of last autumn conference - the auto reply I received related to the spring conference earlier that year and had not been updated.

On that occasion I ended up mentioning it to the chair of the FCC and they apologised for it and updated the auto reply. But come on, the fact that this has happened two years running doesn't exactly inspire me with confidence and, more importantly, is very unhelpful to people trying to get drafting advice as they're being given information that is six months out of date.

So please FCC, get your act together.

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  1. Ooops did you email Christian Moon (it is a policy issue rather than conference office) - or tell someone - just like peoples out of offices this one often gets missed - wish we could magic more staff...


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