Friday, 1 June 2012

Are the tories unfit for government?

Are the tories unfit to be in government?

That's a question I've been asking myself lately and I've come to the conclusion that the answer is yes.

And I should empahsises that the question isn't about the tories' policies - even though I find their policies and ideologies abhorrent that doesn't necessarily mean they're unfit for government. After all, democracy is all about the fact that, even if you find a group's views abhorrent, they are still entitled to a fair share of power if enough people vote for them.

So when I say that the tories are unfit to be in government I mean it in the sense of their competence - or, rather, their lack of it.

Let's consider all the big gaffes that this government has made:
  • Attempting to sell off the forests and then having to perform a u-turn - Tory minister Caroline Spellman
  • Causing a fuel crisis over a fuel strike which never even took place - Tory minister Francis Maude
  • Cutting the tax rate for the wealthiest by 5p at a time of massive austerity and hardship for ordinary people and causing a PR disaster through poor presentation - Tory minister George Osborne
  • Taking your best friend on you on official government trips and allowing him to present himself as an MoD advisor - former Tory minister Liam Fox (who resigned over this gaffe)
  • Befriending and communicating on an incredibly frequent basis with News International lobbyists while ruling on the BSkyB takeover bid and while News International was being investigated for ciminal behaviour - (nearly former) Tory minister Jeremy Hunt
  • Appointing a man in charge during the hacking at the News of the World (later charged with perjury) as your communications advisor and then having to sack him as details of phone hacking emerged - tory Prime Minister David Cameron
  • Introducing a pasty tax which was predictably perceived with outrage as being a petty tax from out of touch politicians and then having to perform a u-turn - Tory minister George Osborne
  • Introducing a cap on donations to charities, bringing massively disastrous PR, and then having to perform a u-turn - Tory minister George Osborne
  • Writing a report for the government proposing the scrapping of labour protection laws - Tory policy advisor and donor Lord Beecroft
The list just goes on and on and on. Bungle after bungle of petty mistakes and gaffes which cause massively bad PR and force what are perceived as humiliating retreats and u-turns. None of these elephant traps which the government has blundered into were necessary or unforeseeable and all of them were over relatively small matters which shouldn't have been that significant in the great scheme of things.

And, when you consider that these have all been specifically tory failures - Lib Dem ministers have, in contrast, avoided mistakes of this nature.

And what this screams to me is incompetence - and, from what I can tell, a lot of tory grassroots members are thinking the same thing. This isn't about poor policies, it's about blundering when it comes to picking which battles to fight and massive cock ups in presenting tory ideas. The cut in the 50p tax rate was never going to be popular but at least Osborne could have made more of an effort to point out that they would be taking money off the wealthy in other ways and that everyone else would benefit by the increase in the income tax threshold.

So that's what's led me to conclude that the tories are unfit for government. It seems like the current crop of tory ministers aren't just inexperienced in government (after all, the Lib Dems have no experience of government and we've managed to avoid such blunders) but that they also operate with a strange mixture of arrogance and ignorance which is what leads them into these idiotic mistakes. And, regardless of their political viewpoint, someone who manages to start and lose a damaging political battle over pasties, for god's sake, really is horrendously unsuited to being in government.

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  1. NONE of the Labour/Lib Dem nor Conservacum are fit to govern this ocuntry - As they are ALL it seems in it only to line the pockets of their pals who are already millionaires and they are willing to do this at the expense of anyone and everyone be they disabled - (If they are disabled I am pretty sure soon they will be making us into dog food) if they are just born poorer than millionaire status - then they get to go on Workfare and be slaves to the corporations...

    I heard this morning 'Rule Britannia' song on the Wireless (lol) - I heard the words - ''Britain never never never will be slaves'' What is work fare then????? If that is not making Britain slaves - Then I dunno what is.

    This whole country USED to be somethign I was proud of. now I am left A-Wishing that the govt had a heart to care for the disabled people, and for the workers who get minimum wage and Camercum and pals wouldnt take a piss for that measly amount!

    The tories are just plain evil.
    The Liberals are just cliunging to their shirt tails to actually BE in govt (Which i am sad at as always being a liberal I have found this made me now have no party to look towards for care or for any sort of sense)
    Labour - Are just red tories and talk crap of late

    Therefore WHO is out there that we can trust to run our country properly - To make people pay the taxes they should? (I would like millionaires o actually pay some tax and not avoid most of it!) Companies like O2 or whoever it was should NOT be let off 6bn in tax - Nor any tax let offs - That is stupid!

    Basically I see this country that was once a proud mother country going downhill ata rate of knots - People used to be proud to be British - Now - We just look around us in despair. If you are unable to run a piss up in a brewery - DONT TRY TO RUN A FRIGGIN COUNTRY YOU EEJIT.

    Cameron = Eejit up himself eton boy

    The man is evil - He lied so badly trying to get in and every thing he said - He lied about - He said he would care for the old, the frail, the disabled and the young - LIES LIES LIES!

    I live in fear every single day of this life I have - Fear of every single letter that comes through - I pray every day when I hear those letters hit the mat that today is not the day when the ESA forms drop through. Even though I have specialists who say they will write letters for me - I know ATOS refuse to read them.

    So - Life for me will be over - C'est la vie. I find i so hard to watch this country go to ruin. Care = None of it. Peple at the bottom of the heap should ALL revolt and refuse to do anything for paltry wages. Refuse to work for free for £57 a week for 40hrs when it is a real job they are doing for a company who make so much and yet wont share

    They are all like kids ina sweet shop who reuse to play fair and share!

    I dont even like sweets - LOL - Which is lucky cos I cant bloody afford food let alone sweets


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