Friday, 4 May 2012

Lib Dems are traitors to the people

This is something I've just seen someone post on facebook:
"Seems the 'traitors to the people', aka Lib Dems, are loosing. Well that's what you get when you betray your word, your promises and your electorate!"
If it's betraying your word to take over a million of the lowest paid out of paying income tax then I guess we've betrayed our word.
If it's betraying your promises to invest billions in giving the poorest pupils better chances in life then we've broken our promises.

If it's betraying your electorate to bring back the triple lock for state pensions to make sure that they never fall behind the cost of living then we've betrayed our electorate.

And if it's being a traitor to the people to roll back the surveillance state, restore civil liberties, invest billions in clean, green energy and create half a million apprenticeships then I guess we're traitors to the people.

And you know what? I'm damn proud of it.

P.S. There's plenty this government has done that I deeply disagree with. But anyone posting such an idiotic and inaccurate statement as the one I've quoted can f*** right off as far as I'm concerned.


  1. I think most people think the negative things the LibDems have done far outweigh the positive things.
    They will never be forgiven to help the Tory Party dismantle the NHS and the Welfare State.
    If the LibDems think their fortunes will change by 2015,then yes they are right,but for the worse.
    Most of the legislation that has gone through parliament does not kick in till next year.And you know what,has the song goes,I predict a riot,but in 2013.
    Don,t expect a easy ride on the Olympics either.If demonstrations kick of there,the Government is going to look bad in the eyes of the world and the LibDems are a part of this Evil Government that would not be in power,doing the awful things it is doing,without the LibDems support.

    1. I think you'll find that the NHS is still free at the point of use and will continue to be so.

      What a lot of people forget was that in 2010 the Lib Dems had a choice. We could have stepped away and done nothing, and watched as the tories called another general election in the autumn and won a small majority due to the completely empty campaign coffers of the other parties and then watched as, instead of being dragged towards the centre by Lib Dems, they were dragged even further to the right by the backbenchers.

      On Thursday a tory told me that the Lib Dems were hamstringing the government. Given that the tories' favourite policies so far have been utterly insanely right wing I would sugges that is something to be proud of.

      Am I happy with this government? No. Do I agree with everything it's doing? No. Would it be a lot, lot worse without Lib Dems in it? Yes.

      For example, because of Lib Dems, young children are no longer locked up in inhumane conditions in detention centres. The tories would never have ended something like that and Labour were the ones who brought it in. So I'd say that mitigating the brutality of the tories, while doing some good that no other party would do, is nothing more and nothing less than our duty to the country - regardless of whether we get penalised for it in elections or not.

  2. "We will campaign against, we will vote against, any rising of the tuition fees"

  3. Lib-Dems? They're scum plain & simple as a party & Their leader? Is a piece of lying, traitrous, smarmy Utter F*cking carrion who the FIRST chance someone gets in the HUGE period of civil disobedience, Riots & Outright CHAOS that IS coming & WILL force his pathetic arrogant & ridiculous excuse for a so-called 'coalition government' of him & that Tw*t Cameron out of power? Someone should drill a bullet STRAIGHT through his head & put him & us ALL out of HIS misery that he's inflicted on us. HE Alone has put children into starvation here MORE than in 3rd world countries, HE alone is the absolute w*nker that voted through those RIDICULOUS changes to benefits that are seeing the disabled demonised & kicked out to die on the streets for NO good reason whatsoever & HE alone lied & betrayed our future in LYING to the students of England while the likes of Scotland LAUGH at us, charge OUR students double & our streets burn due to HIS colossal arrogance, stupidity & ineptitude. He & that coalition of SCUM that he helps lead? DESERVE to be FORCED from office & DIE as a party for it & they WILL. Mark my words.

    And IF his head should ACTUALLY end up on a pike LITERALLY as a result? Well it's his OWN stupid fault isn't it. He & the Tories & his SCUM own party? Will get EVERYTHING that's coming to them soon as for the first time SINCE the 1600's & LONG long overdue? They will NOT be removed by election but by the PEOPLE of this nation by FORCE & rightly so - You think that WON'T happen? WHO will stop us? The army aren't here (all abroard fighting in pointless wars that cost MORE than the ENTIRE welfare bill that SCUM Clegg LIES about) And if you THINK The police will stop us? Think again - They? Couldn't even stop a SMALL number of angry youths (small compared to the WHOLE country) last summer when they lost their rags & turned on society - What do you think will happen WHEN (and it IS when not if) EVERYone in the UK TURNS On the government en masse & in FORCE? I'll tell you shall I?

    They will be gone - FORCED out of power as they should have been LONG since & hopefully? They will TAKE their ghoulish changes & CHOKE on them before dying in a corner somewhere as they FULLY deserve to. Your leader & party AREN'T just UTTER scum & carrion George - They have Lied one TO many times to EVERYone & thus are fully responsible for the upcoming revolution THEY alone have made inevitable. Their behaviour has been reprehensible, crass & UTTERLY unforgiveable, but not surprising in the least & Not only SHOULD they be punished for it? They WILL be & then some...............

    1. Given that that's your opinion of Liberal Democrats then I wonder why you're even bothering to read my blog.

      I'm a Lib Dem. I despise the Welfare Reform Bill but that doesn't alter my political beliefs. In fact, I despire the Welfare Reform Bill because I'm a Lib Dem, not in spite of it. And if you really hate us as much as you say - and wish us dead - then I wonder what exactly your aim was with your comment? Did you really think I'd say "Oh my god - you want to kill me? Of COURSE I'll abandon my party and stampede to join those who quite literally want to put my head on a spike"?

  4. What is this country coming to.A Disabled OAP has a stroke has bailiffs try to take his bed.
    I know IDS thinks ATOS can work miracles,and we should all pick up are bed and walk.But this is Low.

  5. I admire you George, an old mate of mine has just lost his seat as a lib dem councillor. I voted lib dem for the 1st time at the last election, and while i understand compromise all too well.
    Im sorry on some massively fundamental things the lib dem leadership have broken promises and yes while 1 million people are lifted out of tax 400,000 of those same people have lost £74 a week on avcerage because they cannot get enough hours to qualify for tax credits,

    the horror that is the welfare reform act will do far more damage to those self same families many may end up destitute because of the combination os housing benefit cap, tax credit cuts and gawd knows what horrorrs await un UC. and the MP's and eladership had a choice and they stayted silent.

    It maybe true they have help back the worse but the best estimate is 1 - 2 million of the poorest, vulnerablee tc will looose.

    I was around for years in communities and im dammed if the LD's claim to give a lift to poor children, Sure Start, Childrens Centres etc came in under labout and did some dam fine work we will only see the fruits of that in 5 - 10 years.

    I will give credit but not for all of it - the perception rightly or wrongly is the leaderswhip sold out for power. a but pill i know but

  6. Richard, London9 May 2012 at 01:27

    You seem to have some anger issues George, also seem a little delusional.

    What the Liberal Democrats have achieved is:

    Canvassing on the promise of ending tuition fees and then tripling them.

    Joining forces with the Tories to start the privatisation of the NHS, the longest NHS waiting times in a decade and the closure of many hospitals.

    As for the poorest and most vulnerable, workfare is now compulsory, this includes disabled and even cancer patients.

    Give yourself a clap on the back.

    1. Well, I do get angry. And primarily what gets me angry is people who clearly don't know a thing about what they're talking about yet still decide to spout off a load of bullshit that isn't real. Given, however, that my response is not going after them with a chainsaw then I'd suggest that your suggestion that I have anger issues is nothing more than a fairly obvious ad hominem.

      When you say trippling fees, do you mean introducing a system which means that the average graduate will now start repaying later and pay less? And where the poorest graduates will pay much less than they do at the moment? Do you mean a system that is arguably ten times fairer than the old system?

      When you say the NHS, do you mean a bill that ended Labour's legislation - which opened up the NHS to unlimited competition - and which will still see the NHS remain paid for by the public purse and free at the point of use? Because you seem to be living in a fantasy world populated by the worst predictions of scaremongerers.

      As for the poorest and the most vulnerable - I suggest you read what I've said on the subject before. Though if you're looking to direct your ire at Lib Dems over it then I hope you'll at least have the consistency to give at least the same ire to Labour and the Tories - given that it was them who came up with and drove the reforms in the firstplace.

      Oh, but I'm sorry, facts have no place in your world do they? Let me join you in the kind of ad hominems which seem to be the only thing you're comfortable with: "You smell of poo and waste oxygen every time you breathe". There - I've come down to your level. Does it make you feel any better?

    2. Richard, London12 May 2012 at 00:42

      Ad hominem? I will have to disagree, you show have an overly aggressive and unnecessary rude tone to your posts. Having read your posts on this blog, LDV and the Guardian, I am in a position to make this judgement. I'm not saying this to attack you, but I think you would better get your message across if it was done in a polite manner.

      Tripling fees is triping fees, having gained the student vote canvassing on the grounds of abolishing tuition fees, they have been tripled. The fees may have to be paid back later, but they still deter a lot of working class students from going to university. Who would want a £27,000 chain around their neck, for a degree, which in this economic climate may not even get them a job.

      The NHS may remain free at the point of use for the moment, doesn't change the fact the NHS standards are declining and waiting times are growing. The end goal of the Conservative government is get rid of a free health service available to all.

      I admire you work on welfare front, this is an area you excel in. This doesn't however change the fact that welfare reforms taking place are supported by the Liberal Democrat party. Hence, cancer patients and disabled forced to carry out workfare is also a blemish on the Liberal Democrats.

    3. Well you're obviously entitled to your opinion. That said I'm fairly sure that most people who know me would tend to say that I'm the exact opposite of overly aggressive and unnessarily rude. LDV and the Guardian both have fairly strict requirements on what kind of tone and language they allow in an article so I doubt any rudeness or agressiveness was displayed there.

      As for my blog, well, it's *my* blog. I blog in a particular style. If you don't like it then I strongly recommend you stop reading it and read something you'd enjoy more instead.

      "Who would want a £27,000 chain around their neck, for a degree, which in this economic climate may not even get them a job"

      I would. Because I'm currently at uni under the old fees system. Which means that I have to start repaying as soon as I earn £15,000.

      Under the new system student's still don't pay up front, don't have to pay a penny until they're earning over £21,000 (a threshold which is inflation linked) and will have to make smaller repayments than I will. Except, of course, for the wealthiest graduates who will have to pay significantly more.

      So I'd absolutely choose to do a degree under the new system if I had that option. It's much better value for money than the old one.

  7. I am not angry, I feel kinda hurt and scared, the welfare reform bill has made my illness ten times worse thrugh the fear and worry. I guess LIbDems didnt do that but I also didnt see or hear then fight in the corner of the disabled (in saying that I havent heard any party truly fight for the disabled for we are scum to the lot of them)

    I am left now - After elections and welfare 'reform' and ATOS taking over as god who can deem you fit when they know you are not able to hold down a full time job but who cares if you cannot you will just get sanctioned or some such rubbish. I am left wondering if there is even a future and to be honest I am starting to wonder if I should just take that short trip to switzerland for a leastthen the continual attaks and being called scum would end.

    Yes Labur started that, but ConDem have together - as one coalition made it ten times worse and have made the tests virtually impossible to pass unless you are a quadroplegic, as even people on deaths door cannot pass.

    No longer shall I pass and right now - I dont even care if I starve to death or something - Cos if nobody else cares, then why should i - I have nobody to turn to - Cant get appt with CAB they are too busy even if i could get there! Cant get any help from any where so. That is how life is.

    Disabled people are living in a constantfear, and we feel nobody gives a toss cos thats what we see in papers where we are labeled liars and scumbags nd ATOS is always right yet my specialists are somehow suddenly wrong - Does that make then liars too? Are my MRI scans a lie too? If my Neuro and Physio and specialists are all liars, then why are they held in high respect by NHS etc - and yet their words are lies when asked how I am in relation to work?

    1. All I can say is keep appealing unjust decisions. And make use of your rights. You now have the right to have someone (a friend or a family member or anyone) sit through the interview with you. You now have the right to have a recording made of the interview. If they've got a third person watching them and know that what they're saying is being recorded then even the most horrible of assessors will have to be careful what they say and do.

      I'm truly sorry for the situation you're in. This is a black mark against the name of my party, and all big parties, for that matter, that we will never be able to wash out. I can't even begin to know how tough it might be for you but remember that you aren't scum and you *are* important. You're a unique, irreplacable, human being who has just as much "value" as anyone else. Please don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


    2. I saw my specialists nurse today I will be having them with me if I can get an at home medica, i dont know who if I have to go to somewhere, my 'friends' left when i knew i was ill, yet had no name for the illness for years.
      Apparently there are only 11 recording machines for all over the place with atos, so I bet they wil say they havent got one or something.,
      I am not important in the big scheme of things I am a nobody. But I dont mind being a nobody as long as they will allow me to live, I feel like a maggot or something living off something else and I despise that my body brought me to be this.

      That is life though nobody said that life would be easy did they. OK nobody said I would fall apart either but the positive part of that is I know now how disabled people live. I never knew before as I was not one of them... I was I guess selfish in my good health back then. Most people have no understanding of how it is to live with disability and if I were suddenly better I would like to work with people like me as I would have inside knowledge of how itis.
      Just hafta find a cure for it now.. I knew i should have listened more at skool!

      It is a sad day/time when the weakest people are being treated like this though - This being the 'mother country 'and all that. I dont think any true mother would do this to her own..... But I guess Cameron etc really do not care for the people who are 'unproductive' he only wants tax tax taxes... But of course I am assuming his accountant protects his millions so he doesnt have to give anything away ;-)

  8. I agree with poster above.Having a medical condition is bad enough,without the ConDems using us as political sacrificial cows.The ones who Nick Clegg said,who,s curtains were closed in the morning.The soundbites,hard workers,tax payers,welfare dependents.Its like a tap going,drip drip drip.
    It eventually erodes your spirit,your well being,your ego.Does my neighbour think I am a scrounging bastard to lazy to get out of bed,the demonisation by the press,the politicians,IDS and Greyling to name but a few.The drip drip drip like a tap.
    It wears,erodes destroys.It makes you hope for lifes end,for peace.A place were money and wealth are not the be all and end all.
    If the taxpayers do not wish to pay for me anymore,then please set up euthanasia centres so I can be put out of my misery,and the rich bloke can save a couple of pence in the pound.

  9. My curtains are closed all day - Does that make me a scumbag? No - It just means the light affects my eyes so I find it easier to have some of my curtains shut! I am not in hiding, just protecting my eyes and the headaches that would ensue.

    Some of us have such a bad nights sleep that we have to sleep in the daytime because of that!

    I agree with you - Set up euthanasia centres - Give us a chance to get out before you starve us to death!

    It is just sickening how these people can lie lie lie so much about the defecit when the top 1% of this country ownmost of the wealth yet their accountants protect that and make them pay less tax than they should (i read that some woman said only the little people pay tax! sounds about right)

    I am sickened of the way this supposedly caring country are treating people - First they do the ESA thing, then they take away your PIP - At the same time all the bills are going up because these companies arent getting enough profits (sarc) they need those billions ya know!

    So - Come winter I will starve and freeze to death.

    I say a country is carried by the little people - The workers not the billionaires and maybe one day there will be an uprising and the little people will just STOP. Then how will your country run? You treat the plebs like this and eventually you are askin for trouble.

    I just wish I were able to do that which i could before I got ill - I so want to be able to HAVE a LIFE! Most well people have no idea what it is like to se your own life removed from in front of your eyes. Leaving you as a shall of yourself. Leaving you in a world you do not recognise and then attacking you because you got sick - Not cos I drink or smoke or do drugs etc - I dont! Not cos I am overweight - Ive lost over 9st! Yes I was fat to start with but at this rate I will be a twiglet!

    And yes - I feel like an insignificant nothing because that is how the supposed caring govt see me. I am nothing to them. I am nobody. I am insignificant cos I dont work or pay tax cos I am sick. Therefgore I deserve only to die to be outta their hair. THAT is the caring UK we reside in now.

    Cameron uses Ixan to pretend he understands - He had nannies. He uses this to make out like he knows what the disabled want. Yet in reality he despises to leeches, the broken, the idle.

    Not that there are many jobs out there when perfectly able people cant get work yet they want some body to employ the broken and the dying.

    God I am sickened to call myself a Brit! Sickened that this govt are wrecking things for so many people - I just hope that I can find a way to actually live when they remove my only means of living. I dont really wanna die but to be honest it feels like the only safe place.... Sounds stupid rthat death is safety but it is when you think of the alternative a life on the streets with no food and being hated.

  10. is this true?

    1. No it's not. The opinion of one muppet (who managed to cause a fuel shortage without a strike having even taken place) as to what the *tory party* should be doing is not the same as what the *coaliyion government* is planning to do.

    2. Though the idea of greater mutualisation (workers taking over the running of the organisations they work for) is something which is a proud liberal concept which I am very proud of.

  11. Hi George.
    the problem is that it isn't just one or to Muppet's is it. IDS is borderline evil. Teresa May is flat out incompetent, Osbourne has actually reversed a mild recovery and Cameron is incomprehensible when he speaks his mind. Eric Pickles a fat bastard telling everyone else to tighten their belts and Boris Johnson a showboating buffoon who did more to fuel the riots with his publicity stunts than prevent them. These are the people the Lib Dems are facilitating. The good the Party has tried to do will be lost because unfortunately no one trusts it. How many more election failures will it take, how many more agreements to push through yet more nasty little Tory bills, at what point do any of you stop towing the coalition party line. A year before the election> A month? A week? It's a bit pathetic really.

  12. its infuriating that you are even trying to defend the tuition fee hike.

    you made all of us look like gullable fools for trusting in politicians. how can we ever expect you to be truthful about your voting intentions again on any issue again when you so blithely ripped up what was supposed to be sacred promise? your signatures mean nothing.

    your party was supposed to be better than this. the party has lost this generation and only the mps who rebelled and voted against the fee hike are guilt free


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