Friday, 11 May 2012

Hot Coalition Politics!

I really detest it when I go several days without posting anything worthwhile and then posting a filler post like this to make up for it. My current excuses are: the local elections, the bank holiday, my brother's 19th birthday, flooding, and the drought.

But anyway, the reason behind this blogpost is because this evening I will be attending an event entitled Hot Coalition Politics, organised by the Guildford Liberal Democrats, where I will be a member of a panel for a Question Time style event about politics under the coalition. The reason I've been selected to be on the panel is because of my campaigning on the Welfare Reform Bill.

As if the chance to be on a panel and to pay an overdue visit to Guildford wasn't enough, my fellow panel members will be Baroness Sharp, Baroness Parminster and Kelly-Marie Blundell - author of Political Parry.

Additionally, the event will be chaired by Antony Hook - a stalwart Liberal Democrat who I spoke to recently about the EU. It's quite a small world really.

So hopefully it will all go well and I'll be able to do a write up of it which should finally fill in the gap in my blogging schedule :)


  1. Richard, London14 May 2012 at 10:40

    Clegg said: "I support reform because many people have received DLA, as it's known, without any personal, face-to-face tests for year upon year upon year without any assessment about whether their circumstances have changed."

    How many people exactly have received disability benefits without any assessment, from my personal experience, not many. I wish you well on the panel and hope you continue your fight against unjust welfare reforms that attack the vulnerable and sick.

  2. As the organiser of Hot Coalition Politics I can say on behalf of all who attended that we had a superb panel who each made an immense contribution including of course George. It was our privilege to be there!

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