Monday, 16 April 2012

Off to Strasbourg

Tomorrow I'll be off to the European Parliament in Strasbourg for three days as part of an EU scheme to give bloggers and journalists a better understanding of the EU.

I've arranged to meet and briefly interview several Lib Dem MEPs and I'll naturally be blogging about my experiences.

It should be fairly interesting to see what my impressions are as I'm going there with an open mind yet have, so far, gone from being devoutly pro-EU to radically eurosceptic (I once voted UKIP, ugh) and then back to the Lib Dem brand of euro-reformism. So I can't wait to find out what impact the trip will actually have on my views.

Plus it'll also be the first time I've been to Strasbourg and the Alsace Lorraine region as a whole. On top of that, it's my first solo trip abroad.

While I'm away blogging and communication on my part will be practically nil due to the outrageous prices the phone companies charge. So see you all in three days or so :)


  1. Bon voyage, bonne chance, bon appétit et bon rentrer...

  2. George, I was a paid up member of the Lib Dems here in Cardiff, My local councillor is Nigel Howells and he lives a few streets down from me. Currently as the council elections loom, leaflets are slowly coming through the letter box, before i continue my membership was not renewed in january, Currently i am one of the feckless unemployed and while i have always been a supporter and believer in Liberalism i could not continue to consistently see Danny Alexander trotted out by Gideon to emphasise the Debt and Deficit strategy and reasoning for brutal Austerity.

    Returning to Cardiffs local council elections, If the Lib Dems needed a hint of where the support base and belief in the party has gone then my street and surrounding area of Roath and Adamsdown should serve as a warning to the Willotts, Swinson, Farron and Cleggs.

    Last year the support and activism for Mr Howells to become an AM was quite something, houses in my street, i would say at least 15 - 18 all had Lib Dem posters in, likewise for the surrounding areas,
    Unfortunately he lost to labour, I do not no how, i never once saw the labour representative, and have still never seen her.

    This time around though i can report that there is not 1 single poster up in my street, The one that is up is for the TUSC. In fact
    there is only one poster for the Lib Dems and that is on the Newport Road, If ever you needed the evidence that there is a storm brewing for the Lib Dems then Cardiff is certainly the eye of the storm.

    I wonder as Jenny Willott inches closer to a position in the cabinet
    and thereore a pay rise, Will she be representing her constituents in Cardiff, or another preserver of the financial powers that be,
    I would suggest that she start taking notes from her previous speeches at conferance or a job in the private sector will be calling.

    Enjoyed reading your Blog



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