Friday, 9 March 2012

On my way to #ldconf

I am currently sat on a train merrily rattling it's way through Kent on the way to Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in Newcastle Gateshead.

For me, conferences are the highlights of the year - I get to geek-out on politics, meet lots of old friends and make new ones, go to lots of interesting fringe events, and, of course, drink copious amounts of alcohol and indulge in raucous singing at the Glee Club (nothing to do with the TV show).

In many ways the party is like a second family. And there's definitely something uplifting about being in a place where you know that pretty much everyone you see is all dedicated to the same cause that you are.

Unfortunately there is a rather nasty stain on the whole thing which is the complicity of Lib Dem parliamentarians in the passing of the Welfare Reform Bill which will devastate the lives of thousands of vulnerable sick and disabled people.

I'm hoping to do something about this - mainly by giving a bloody nose and a PR disaster to the leadership by trying to get the reports to conference of the parliamentary party rejected by the membership. Touch wood, I think I've found some voting reps who will be willing to help me with this - so hopefully we'll be in with a fighting chance.

And, no doubt because of my relatively young age, I imagine I might well have a repeat of last conference where journalists pounced on anyone they saw in search of a story about Lib Dem "splits". Last conference I was fairly upbeat and positive (as was everyone else) so I saw a lot of dejected journalists moping about the place.

This time, however, I think I might just have a few choice words to say to them about a) the trainwreck that is the government's cuts to disability benefits and b) the failure of people like them to report properly on something that will devastate the lives of disabled people (despite being quite happy to report again and again and again made up "scrounger" stories pushed by tory politicians for their own political advantage).

Overall, with a bit of luck, I'm hoping that I'll be able to have an enjoyable conference, rounded off by metaphorically kicking the leadership in the unmentionables for being utter dicks over the Welfare Reform Bill.


  1. Enjoy your Conference George.Have a few beers and let your hair down.Have a good time.
    Then let em have it. :-)

  2. Well done, George on getting the help you requested with regard to the emergency motion and welfare reform. Please also mention Pat's Petition to people

  3. Whilst I applaud you, George, it really is a shame that it's come to this with the Liberal Democrats.

    I, frankly, will be happy to see them utterly destroyed at the next General Election, and will campaign for this.

  4. I have always really been a Liberal, and yet now - After what they have done by standing stupidly by licking the shoes of the Conservascum, I will NEVER vote for them again - How Clegg and friends can stand idly by and allow them to do this whilst helping them to do it is beyond me. Putting disabld people on ESA when the whole system is so unfair for people who blatantly cannot work, letting this PIP fiasco come in that make 99% of people suddenly not disabled at all. And what did liberal do? Nothing - They have turned themselves into conservascum too.

    I will never EVER vote Liberal again - I will not waste my time they are all the same - Liars, and they are only out to 'care' for themselves. The rich get richer and the ill or the poor can go to hell. Well the rich are carroed on the backs of the poor and I pray that one day ALL the workers will stop, even for just a day - And tell this unfair govt (be they cons/lab/lib - they are all as useless as each other now) that they cannot do this to the people of the UK. Will the working people do this? Who knows - I hope so as now we will have no NHS, no welfare state, no nothing - And it is like going back into the 1700s where sick people just get ignored and die as they are worthl;ess, poor people have to work themselves to death for pennies whilst the rich sit on their fat backsides drinking their port and giving themselves gout from their posh nosh and booze.

    Just shows that Scumeron lied when he said he would look after the children the elderly and the sick. So much for transparency! Every word he said was a lie. Disabled people are killing themselves through the stress of this. And to blame the disabled for the defecit that the rich made is horrific. I feel like I live in Gemany and scumeron is Hitler!

    I used to be proud to be British, the 'mother country' well No mother would do this to her children.

    Stop the world I wanna get off!

    But Lo - I am cured! For ATOS tells me so!

    Crock of crap the whole lot of it.

  5. Funny how Cameron promised to look after the weak and the sick etc before getting into power - all lies of course - and yet he despises ill sick disabled people like me. But - His son was disabled, and apparently his father was also born disabled (apparently he had no heels or something) and yet Cameron thinks all disabled people are scum and cleggy is helping him to put hatred into the hearts of all the British people, where if you have money you are helped and if you are not born with a silver spoon in your mouth - You may as well go to hell where he is concerned (Britain is going to end up like germany in the war and cameron will soon sport a Hitler moustache methinks)


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