Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Another reason to be angry about the #WRB

WARNING: This post contains swearing.

Hey, remember how Lib Dem MPs and peers voted to cut benefits for those sick and disabled that the DWP deemend to be potentially capable of work at some point in the future? Well (hat tip to Tia Junior) here's a nice illustration of how the system that decides capability for work actually works itself:

"When assessing mobility within a WCA, Atos interviewers are allowed to recommend the use of a wheelchair to improve mobility (if they think it will do this) for someone who does not normally use one. They can do this without any specific discussion with the claimant or their GP. They are not however allowed to recommend treatment – make sense of this if you can, but as unbelievable as it is, it is true. Decision Makers are allowed to do the same thing, without specifically declaring it to claimants – all the claimant is told is that for mobility, they have score (say) zero points."

And this is after this section of the WCA (Work Capability Assessment) has been reviewed and supposedly "fixed". And from the start of next month sick and disabled people will start having their benefits cut off on the basis of how capable to work this assessment deems them to be.

I am really fucking pissed off right now. Let's have a great big round of applause for Lib Dem MPs for making such a courageous decision to support this despite the WRB being such an obviously massive crock of shit.

P.S. Here's the source behind what I'm saying.


  1. My whole life is ending. The WRB and the lets fuck up the NHS is going to make sure of this. I wish I could work, I wish I could do the things I used to do. I wish I could I so do. But pain and fatigue dont exist to ATOS. therefore they will send me out on made up jobs until my body fails, which wont take long. Cameron has made sure with his cronies and help from the lib dems along the way that people who suffer from MS and illnesses that have no cure will be deemed fit for work. nobody will employ e unless they wanna pile of pee on the floor when my bladder fails as it always does. So i will be sent to workfare slavery until I can take no more. I givemyself a matter of days.

    I liked living, ven my small tiny life of pain and fatigue. But now atos cure all ills at the stroke of a pen or a computer tick. There is no point to be deemd somethign i know i am not. WRB=inhuman - ESA=inhuman on grounds that nobody gets in to support group. NHS reform = inhuman.

    I am not a human any more am i.

    Oh well I guess disability = gas chambers now.

    Im sorry I chose to get MS. (obviously i chose this - who would want to be disabled for the piddling amount they give you eh - we dont live the high life)

    I feel like a nothing. I mean nothing. I am nothing

    1. I'm so, so sorry for what is happening.

      But you're not nothing, you're a unique and precious human life no matter what the scum running Atos might think.

      The only advice I can give you is to appeal any and every decision. Insist on your rights when you're assessed. You're entitled to have a recording made of the interview and to have someone else with you (anyone you choose and who's willing to attend) in the interview. Don't give up and don't let them win - we all pay taxes in to pay for the welfare system and we have a right to expect that anyone and everyone in need is supported. Especially the sick and disabled.

  2. Anon. I read your comment with tears in my eyes. It's beyond belief that people should be laid so low by such crass incompetence from a government.

    I noted that when he was hobnobbing with President Obama, Cameron once again talked about the qualities of compassion and decency that British people and American people share.

    Well, it's certainly true that every day you meet good and decent people; folk that will help you out when you need a hand. (I'd have to say that unlike the impression Cameron and Obama gave, this is not exclusive to Brits and Americans. Icelanders and Vietnamese are capable of decency too, along with people from every other nation on Earth.)

    But god knows, none of these decent people seems to be in the UK government (or the opposition, who were installing this system long before the Tories and Liberals got their hands on it).

    I could wish that the Queen would refuse to sign their stinking bills that treat sick people with such disdain and disrespect. I could hope that their foul government would collapse before this can become law... but what good would it do. Labour wouldn't overturn any of it anyway.

    You may feel like nothing but ...you're not. You do mean something; just not to the scum in Westminster.

    It's Cameron and his super rich toff cabinet that are the nothings. Just like Thatcher, they will say that they are people of faith (the blue rinses like that), but I can't imagine any god wanting anything to do with this cruelty.

    I hope they'll pay for it, but, somehow I doubt they will; that sort never do.

    I wish you the very best of luck.

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  4. George, if this is true then why not write to Professor Harrington, who reviewed the WCA, to ask why he didn't recommend that was changed?

    You know, because ranting on your blog is one thing, seeing things changed is another.

    Good luck.

    1. Ben, that's exactly what I advised Tia Junior to do when he told me about it in the first place and I believe that that is exactly what he intends to do.


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