Friday, 3 February 2012

One quick question about Chris Huhne

I'm on a short lunchbreak today so I don't have time for a proper blogpost but the resignation of Lib Dem Chris Huhne from the cabinet today, due to being charged with perverting the course of justice, makes me want to ask this one question:

Chris Huhne must know whether he's guilty or not. I'm not going to pre-judge someone who has yet to be found guilty in a court of law but, if he really is guilty, then why the hell did he wait until now to resign when he could have stepped down months ago and saved everyone, including himself, the bad publicity in the event he is actually foudnd guilty?


  1. Because he thought it might go away?

  2. "I'm not going to pre-judge someone"

    - which you then immediately proceed to do with -

    "if he really is guilty, then why the hell did he wait until now to resign when he could have stepped down months ago"

    You seem to have a problem with consistent logic.

    1. I refer you to tris's comment as he's said exactly what I was going to say. It would appear to be yourself who has a problem with consistent logic so, in future, please either keep insulting criticisms to yourself or at least have the courage to post using a consistent online identity.

  3. A sad day - I regret that he's paid a price for a very public divorce which he risked. So many couples take points for each other, and whilst that's wrong, it's a fairly minor offence in the scheme of things and a long time ago. I just feel very sad and hope that he can clear his name. It's not as if he was a prime mover in invading a country and causing 100,000's of deaths is it - and that goes unpunished!

  4. No he doesn't. Where did George prejudge?

    He says "IF he really is guilty". And he's right.

    We don't know whether he is guilty of the offence or if perhaps, because he used his wife to get elected and then dumped her once she had served her purpose, she wanted a little revenge, made up the story, and he is totally innocent.

    Surely intelligent speculation shouldn't be discouraged.

  5. Why isn't his wife being charged as well? She bought it into the open that she willingly took the blame for some of his speeding offences so IMO is just as much to blame as he is


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