Sunday, 26 February 2012

I'm back

Right, I'm back after a hiatus of a few days. To be honest, I suddenly found myself feeling completely drained and not up to facing anything related to blogging or the Welfare Reform Bill. Not writing anything, not reading anything, not debating about anything, not anything about it at all. Partly this is because of the meeting with Jenny Willott. To be honest, I'm used to seeing things in black and white terms and, as a result of the meeting I've suddenly found a lot of shades of grey in what I'm doing. Which in turn means that I've been confronted with uncertainty and with having to wonder if I might not be wrong.

Well, as a friend of mine told me: I need to get over myself and get back campaigning because this is important and there's not enough time for me to be self indulgent. Well, hopefully I'm ready to do that now - especially since I've finally caught up on my sleep after several nights of not enough.

So. The final two updates on the meeting with Jenny Willott are coming later today. And then I'm going to see about getting sponsorship for the emergency motion.


  1. No harm in taking a break George.This can be very depressing work,because you are trying to help vulnerable people.

    And some people who know you are morally right,see it fit to attack you,because you cause them embarrassment.You know who I mean without saying.

    Another of the good people has had to quit,they probably wore her down also.Spidey,a LibDem blogger and one time activist.

    Don't let them grind you down George.You have the Moral right to continue.I don't know what right your detractors think they have.

  2. Keep it up George.

    Of course none of the issues around welfare policy are black and white - nothing in politics ever is - and in this area policy is highly complex and technical, with swings and roundabouts on every option, pros and cons etc - even if the political rhetoric is cast in moral terms. And for the most part policy-makers are trying to find, and agree (in a difficult fiscal and political context) solutions in good faith to pretty intractable social problems..

    However, you have consistently been arguing on the bigger picture of what we should be doing, advocating or opposing in order to maintain a humane and liberal approach in how society deals with poverty and disability.

    If we look for example at the emerging scandals around welfare2work programmes - ie the conditionality based work progamme with the job of finding and getting people back into work handed to some pretty dubious companies - we're seeing something very illiberal indeed with people effectively forced to work in unskilled tasks for no pay or benefits. That's something we used to call slavery. A society that treats people, who for the most part are workless and in poverty through not fallt of their own - but circumstances of education, exclusion, disability and discrimatory labour markets, in this way cannot be a free or liberal one.

  3. Thanks for the update George, it gets to all us of at one time or another. By the way it is never wrong to fight for the vulnerable.

  4. Thanks George, every little bit helps. Didn't know if you where aware of any of this or not or even if you are interested - see this blog plus his other recent postings.


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