Sunday, 19 February 2012

A collection of articles on the Welfare Reform Bill

One of the things that frustrates me is that, whenever I say anything about the Welfare Reform Bill in the Lib Dems, I run smack bang into people who, for whatever reason, think I'm being disloyal, or that I'm exaggerating or that I don't know what I'm talking about.

And the problem is that I've explained the issue so many times now that I get tired and snappy whenever I'm confronted with someone, out of ignorance, expressing an opinion that everything is fine with the result that I lose my temper. And that's really not good for trying to persuade people. And I know it isn't which is why it's even more frustrating when it happens.

So, to save both myself and others the unpleasantness of me yelling at them online, here is a collection of links to things I've already written about the Welfare Reform Bill. There's a lot of writing here so apologies to anyone who tries to read it all but, when 750,000 vulnerable people are going to be affected by this, I'm afraid that this volume of material is necessary to explain it all. However, for those in the hurry, just read the first three please as those are the most comprehensive and important.

What Lib Dem MPs did yesterday
Concise disability benefits fact sheet
Opinion: What's happened to democracy in the Liberal Democrats?

Feeling angry with Jenny Willott again
Opinion: Welfare reform – LibDems must stand up for the vulnerable
Opinion: Why you must lobby parliament over the Welfare Reform Bill
Opinion: Our Parliamentarians must fight for our benefits policies
Response to Jenny Willott on the Welfare Reform Bill

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  1. George, thanks for trying. I don't think Lib Dems will bother. Reading up on all this legislation stuff is just too much like hard work. You'd be better off starting a new party because the Lib Dems are finished at the next election.You are all so cut off in your Westminster bubble, you have no idea.Don't even think of telling me this is about the defecit. These changes are already costing more than they are saving. It was Tory ideology years before you lot came along to help them.

    How many Lib Dem MPs actually bothered to READ the Welfare Reform Bill before just doing what they were told and voting for it? Just what was it about targetting the sick, the disabled and the poor that was in Lib Dem policy? Many voted Lib Dem in marginal seats to keep the Tories out, not to support them in passing the most draconian legislation against the disabled this country has ever seen. Or are Lib Dems now in favour of making the sick and disabled work "indefinately" for free on Workfare placements? Contrary to what Grayling says, these are NOT voluntary - unless you call losing all income for several weeks or up to 3 years voluntary.Did you not notice that such placements are limited to 8 weeks for the healthy unemployed but there is no time limit at all for the sick and disabled on JSA? No, thought not.
    Have you not noticed that the WCA is routinely signing the sick and disabled into the JSA group?You should have since Danny Alexander made a point of saying so only six weeks before the election, when no one had ever heard of him.
    Do the Lib Dems really think anyone with a spare room should lose 15% of their Housing Benefit or move - where to? What about the disabled, who need space for carers or equipment? Or those on the barely survivable JSA - the "minimum the law says you need to live on" having to make up £10/£14 per week in rent? Do the Lib Dems think disabled children should lose £1500 per year? What about abolishing the Independent Living Fund for the most severely disabled? Abolishing the Social Fund - when loan sharks are already a menace out of control. As for PIP - have any Lib Dems read the proposed criteria? You don't count as needing help if you cannot wash below the waist?
    You will go down in history as the party that helped malign the disabled in the media, led many into absolute poverty, and pushed many more over the edge.
    My MP is Lib Dem. I tried explaining some stuff to him about the #WRB. I don't think he believed me. He won't be getting my vote next time around.I know there are many, many more out there thinking just the same.


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