Thursday, 9 February 2012


Wow. Okay, I just got home from work, logged onto facebook and saw this:

For those of you that don't know, Biggles is my nickname (Biggles being a fictional RAF pilot from the world wars and me being someone who apparently sounds like him: "tally ho" and all that, etc.).

The picture is a truly brilliant piece of, out of the blue, photoshopping by one Paul Wild - a member of a Lib Dem facebook group that I'm also a member of, and a true master at the art of coming up with billboard designs, leaflet graphics and generally anything political that involves the use of images. Why the national party haven't got him on board to work for them I really don't know - he's an absolute genius at this stuff and it's criminal his talent isn't being put to good use for the party

Anyway, I was so impressed by this picture that I had to stick it up here. I had intended to blog about the trade deficit shrinking to the lowest level since 2003 but I think this takes priority as far as I'm concerned ;)

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