Friday, 27 January 2012


So today, not only do I have an article up on Lib Dem Voice, but I've also been quoted in a Guardian article (or rather, they've compiled what I said in a blogpost and turned it into a quote). As such, my mind is currently somewhat blown.

(For those interested, the contents of the letter to Nick Clegg can be found here.)


  1. Nice one George, you shouldn't be shocked - you are a mover and shaker - and as such will get noticed! keep up the good work!! : )

  2. I suggest you challenge for the leadership asap George. Seriously.

    Clegg is going to do what it takes to stay where he is. He, like most MPs, has no idea of the realities behind this Bill. He knows the Lib Dems are finsihed at the next election. .... Unless, they stand up for the reasons why people voted for them in the first place.

    If the Lib Dems don't revolt against much more in the Welfare Reform Bill on Wednesday than 1 year on ESA, they will go down in history as the party who ennabled the Tories to slander and then slaughter the disabled.

    We need the ESA medicals to stop. They are killing people. We need the abolition of DLA stopped - it will kill people.

    The Severe Disability Premium must not be abolished silently under Universal Credit. Those who live alone with severe illness will lose the ability to buy vital hours of help.

    Why is it the sickest in society have had to spend 18 months trawling through legislation to try and explain what it actually means to MPs.? To show where all the lies in the media are? That is the job of our elected representatives and you have ALL failed us.

    1. "I suggest you challenge for the leadership asap George. Seriously."

      Believe me, if I were an MP then that's exactly what I would do.

  3. This is why voters don't vote.They cannot trust politicians anymore.


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