Friday, 4 November 2011


So, yesterday I caught the tail end of the BBC "documentary" (given the utter lack of facts in the program it's necessary to use quotation marks) on benefit fraud. If you read this you'll see just how inaccurate and distorting the program was - for example, claiming that benefit fraud cost £22 billion when it only costs £4 billion, a fraud rate of about 0.5%.

And because of programs like this propagating myths about benefit fraud being widespread, when in reality it has been falling for years, its not surprising that disability hate crime is on the increase, that politicians are cutting benefits to people who need it on the basis of what they read in the Mail rather than medical evidence and that you have MPs suggesting that disabled people not be protected under minimum wage legislation.

It's utterly despicable.

And, predictably, all this got me angry.

But now it all just feels so futile. What can I do about it? I can write to the beeb to complain but they'll just ignore it. And even if they accepted they'd completely broken any basic journalistic standards (which they have) then what would they do about it? Maybe have a retraction somewhere on the BBC website which no one would ever read? And meanwhile thousands of people will have seen the trailers for the show or even the show itself and never know that it was utterly wrong.

And journalists in right wing newspapers will still hold it up as proof that we need to be even tougher on scrounging scum like people with MS or mental illnesses.

And the DWP and politicians will continue to progress with their twisted agendas to save money at the expense of the most vulnerable, ignoring any voices of opposition. I mean, sure, I managed to get a motion passed. But has the party leadership taken it seriously? Nope. The best we've got is Liberal Youth lobbying individual peers and, if we're lucky, those peers might decide to change government legislation. That's all we can hope for. There's no chance in hell of any top down change to the government's reforms - they'll stick with them even in the face of mass suffering by disabled people rather than admit they were wrong.

But, let's say we manage to get the motion implemented. Big whoop. We'll still have to fight the next idiotic and damaging government initiative a few months down the line.

And I'm healthy! I'm not a sick or disabled person who's actively under threat because of attitudes like that in the BBC program and in the government. Imagine how much worse this sense of powerlessness must be for them!

So here I am, with very little ability to change anything. The only way I'll ever be able to make real change is if I enter politics properly. But I'm at uni now. If I wait until I've finished my course I'll have missed the next general election. Assuming it'll take two or three attempts before I get elected (if ever) that means a ten to twenty year wait before I'd ever be in a position to change things. And that's depressing. Because in that ten to twenty years disabled people will continue to be victimised by our media, our government and our twisted society which thinks it's acceptable to hurl abuse at disabled people simply for the crime of being born.

This whole affair has made me more determined than ever to try and enter politics to do something about it but it's an utter fucking disgrace that people like me feel it necessary to do so just in order to get basic human decency in the treatment of our most vulnerable.

And, incidentally, if the BBC thinks I'll ever buy a tv license while it continues to produce such lying bullshit then they've got another think coming.

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  1. The Pen can be Mightier than the Sword.While you keep writing,and people keep reading you are actively campaigning.We need more people like you George.
    Don't be to hard on yourself.Your heart is in the right place.


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