Monday, 17 October 2011

A tribute to Liam Fox

No, I have not taken leave of my senses, I genuinely wish to offer a tribute to Liam Fox, the now former Minister of Defence who was forced to resign for allowing his defence lobbyist best friend to sit in on ministerial meetings without clearance. Oh, and also for trying to pretend nothing wrong had occurred.

But nonetheless I wish to say thank you to him. Because of Mr Fox having to leave the government in disgrace, the government is to push through with implementing tighter rules on lobbying, including a register of all lobbyists. This was in the coalition agreement but is only really going to be pushed hard now because of Fox's resignation.

Now, introducing proper regulation of lobbyists is a Lib Dem policy, one we've had and been committed to for decades while Labour and the Conservatives have made noises about it but failed to do anything when they were in government. But, thanks to Fox, this brilliant Lib Dem policy, which will bring greater transparency to government and help curb shadowy influences by the rich and powerful, is going to be implemented with the enthusiastic backing of Conservatives.

And, I have to say, the irony that Liam Fox, one of the more right wing Conservative MPs, has, by his own demise, also managed to promote Lib Dem policy, is one that is definitely not lost on me and which I find quite delicious.



  1. ROFL! If the Tories allow a register of lobbyists (a genuine one that is, not a made up one of people they can't get free stuff from) I'll eat my laptop ;)

  2. 1) So Dr Fox was an excellent Foreign Sec. Like Jack the Ripper was an excellent surgeon & Ian Huntley an excellent caretaker.

    2) An "error of judgement" is where you pause, reflect, decide and despite best endeavours still get it wrong. At what point did Liam Fox do 1, 2 and 3?

    3)1st=MPs' expenses,2nd=Lobbying. Is civil servants expenses the 3rd scandal? Or is it all just the same big scandal?

    4) So even though his best friend was grafted to his side, nobody else knew. Is this really what PM is talking about when he says "We are all in it together". Yes, I think they all are!

    5) Not sure we have quite finished with the last scanadal. Lord Taylor may have been sentenced,but what about all the others he implicated? The internal Lord "review" is a sham.

    6) If public scrutiny is so vital, why is the Atos Independent Tier such a big secret?


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