Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lords meet to discuss ESA

At 3.30pm today, the House of Lords will meet in committee to begin the process of scrutinising the Welfare Reform Bill. The Welfare Reform Bill is the source of much of the concern of the ESA motion the Liberal Democrats passed at autumn conference the other week. Especially of concern is the introduction of a time limit of 12 months to welfare payments to the sick and disabled - after 12 months all aid is cut off whether the claimant has recovered or not.

You can watch the live feed from the committee room here.

One of the interesting things about today is that the location has changed at the last minute due to a massive campaign by disability organisations - the original location for the meeting was a place without disabled access despite several Lords pointing out that it effectively blocked disabled people from watching or attending the meetings which will decide whether many of them are facing destitution in a few months or not.

I'd strongly recommend you watch the meeting (though I'd suggest you add a bucket of salt to anything Lord Freud says). Sadly I won't be able to watch it as I'm at work but I'll probably do a post this evening about what's happened and what is happening.

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