Monday, 10 October 2011

A letter to Labour

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Dear Labour,

I'm writing to you because I've seen a lot of talk lately by various Labour party members on the need to do things like adopt a less authoritarian approach on civil liberties and backing a mansion tax in order to reach out to left wing Liberal Democrats and bring them back into your arms. The reasons given for this are because Labour might not get enough seats to have a majority at the next election and needs to be ready to accept the few shell-shocked survivors of the Liberal Democrats (because our massacre at the next election is inevitable) into propping you up so you can restore your rightful place as the sole alternative to the tories in governing the country.

Well, unfortunately, that's not going to happen. You see, I grew up under Blair and Brown and there is no force on earth that will ever make me forgive Labour for the way in which they screwed Britain over for the sake of vested interests in the media and the City. I'll never forgive you for the way you pissed on the poor and the sick and the disabled in order to appease the nutters writing Daily Express headlines. I'll never forgive you for misleading the public and ignoring the protests of millions of people in order to take us into an illegal war which cost billions of pounds, destroyed a foreign country, cost the lives of hundreds of British servicemen and women and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. I'll never forgive or forget the way closet fascists like Straw and Blunkett and Woolas trampled on ancient and cherished civil liberties, clamped down on legitimate protest, locked innocent people up as terrorists and turned the UK in to the closest thing to a police state in its history.

But most of all I'll never forgive you for throwing away a golden opportunity to make Britain better. You had 13 years where you could have radically changed Britain for the better. But instead you lied and spun and broke promises and you left my generation to face a lifetime of paying off and making good your failure.

So, when I see Labourites making half-hearted apologies, or talking about making half hearted steps to bribe people like me into supporting you, when I see those same people talking gleefully about how the Liberal Democrats are doomed (incorrectly, by the way, as ICM, the only pollster to correctly call the outcome of the general, local, Scottish parliament and referendum votes, has us on 15%), when I see them expressing their hatred of us for daring not to meekly fall into line to prop up a failed Labour government, when I see the sheer, unbridled arrogance of the unquestioned assumption that, by not being the tories, you automatically have a right to my vote, it makes me angry.

So, here's what's what Labour. You're not getting my vote. You're not getting my support. You're not even getting my sympathies. Until you finally realise and come to terms the massive roadblock to progressive action and ideals in this country, until you realise how tribal, insular and out of touch you are, until you stop putting tribalist scum like Ed Balls in your leadership, you and I are not just not allies, we are enemies. You are as much my enemy as the tories are and I look forward to the day when you get the reckoning you have earned a thousand times over.

So, in short, dear, dear Labour: FUCK. YOU.

Yours sincerely,
George Potter,
Child of Blair,
Liberal Democrat


  1. Never? That's a very long time. Time was a Tory prime minister would never be in favour of same-sex marriage.

    But from the thing Labour has become, to a party anyone outside it could trust, inside four years is... well, it's really going to take a lot of work.

  2. Yep, never. I'm not saying I'll never work with Labour members or agree with them or support them when they're right on certain issues, but I'll never forgive them for what they did during the Blair and Brown governments. I might well be able to let bygones be bygones some day, but that doesn't necessitate forgiveness.

  3. Dear George,

    Great letter! I agree with many of your points. Especially when it comes to how Labour are currently treating the LibDems. You should think it's a bit rich to condemn the LDs for working with the Tories considering it comes from the party that basically turned itself into a slightly more authoritatian version of the Tories to win a couple of elections...

    Yours sincerely,

  4. +1
    My feelings exactly. I embraced a tory/libdem coalition because I figured the worst had already happened - the freedoms which make britain great had been removed.
    I note with increasing despair that many of them (mainly 'freedom froms') had still not been reinstated.


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