Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Three good causes

I'm not one of these people who regularly asks their readers to help a good cause in one way or another but recently I've come across three good causes which it would be brilliant if you could help out with. The first two only require a few minutes of your time and I'd like you to please seriously consider donating money to the last one.

The first cause is the Barn Youth Project. This is a youth project in Guildford which has been running for years and which makes a big difference to the lives of lots of young people. They're currently applying for £6,000 from CommunityForce and they will only get it if they get enough votes from members of the public. So please spend a few minutes of your time and vote for them here.

The next cause is the petition for a UK National Defence Medal. This would be a medal awarded to all veterans as recognition of their service to the county. The Ministry of Defence did recently have a consultation on whether to award one but they deliberately kept the consultation secret and short so that veterans would be unable to take part. So please sign the petition for a National Defence Medal here.

The final cause is the "Give a day's pay for Africa appeal" which does exactly what it says on the tin. The DEC is asking people to give a day's pay to help with famine relief in East Africa. So please consider making a donation.

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