Sunday, 25 September 2011

Surrey County Tories have temporarily imploded

This weekend I popped back over to Guildford to attend the Guildford Lib Dems wider group meeting. I'm very glad I did because it meant I heard this fascinating news: the Tory administration on the county council has temporarily imploded.

You see, the leader of the county council, and the tory group on the council, was Mr Povey - a "strong leader".

He then decided it would be a very good idea to sack one Mr Hodge who was a member of the county council cabinet along with one other cabinet member. Unfortunately, half the tory councillors then rebelled against the sacking of Mr Hodge whilst half the cabinet resigned over the issue.

Long story short, Mr Povey is no longer leader of the tory group and Mr Hodge is.

But, due to procedural rules, Mr Hodge cannot become leader of the council until the next full council meeting. Until then, Mr Povey will remain the leader of the council. And, before the next full council meeting, there will be a routine public council cabinet meeting. Given that half the cabinet has  been sacked, with appointments and probably more sackings due to take place when Mr Hodge becomes council leader, this means that the next cabinet meeting might well consist of just Mr Povey sitting in his chair on his own. Either way, it is certainly possible that the cabinet meeting might not have enough cabinet members in attendance to be quorate and will therefore be unable to make any decisions.

So, all in all, it looks like the next cabinet meeting will be a farce well worth attending and I wish I were able to go and watch it myself. But the bottom line is that, for the next few weeks, the entire tory group on the council will be sorting out who is in the new cabinet and what exactly their policies will be now that there's going to be a new administration which isn't beholden to their last manifesto.

Oh, and I suppose I should mention that the official reason that Mr Povey is no longer leader is because he stepped down to spend more time with his business. Shame that.

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  1. Typical Tories. Doubtless the poor old council and the people will just have to muddle on while this lot have their petty little arguments and sort out who will have what sinecure.


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