Friday, 30 September 2011

The idiotic Grant Shapps

I'm rather angry at the moment.

This is because the other day I saw the idiotic announcement by the tory Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, that he wanted those with jobs to be given priority in the social housing waiting list. This follows on from Labour's announcement of the same desire at their party conference and, following Grant Shapps anouncement, Westminster council (better known as the council which passed a bye-law effectively making homelessness ilegal) has decided to implement this moronic idea.

Let me just put a scenario to you. You have two families, each with two children. In one family, both parents have a job and, although they are low paid, they at least have some sort of income coming in while they are waiting for social housing.

In the other family, one of the parents is disabled and unable to work. The other parent doesn't have a job as they've left work in order to care for their partner and their children. The only income they have coming in is from benefits and they constantly struggle to make ends meet.

Yet the second family, who are in a much worse situation, will be given much lower priority on the housing list than the first family - even though the first family are more able to manage without social housing.

This idiotic initiative will make life easier for the employed whilst ignoring and punishing the very neediest of people. The welfare system is meant to act as a safety net for those who have fallen on hard times - not punish them for it. But that is exactly what the idiotic Grant Shapps is doing and which Labour is calling for.

We already know that the tories couldn't care less about the poor but you'd think that, given all their rhetoric about "cuts" and defending the poor, Labour might have actually put their money where their mouth is for once. But they haven't. Shame on Grant Shapps and shame on Labour for abandoning the very people that society should be looking after.


  1. I think like you,both Tories and Labour have got it wrong on social housing.

    I live in a three bed-roomed housing association,ex council house with my Wife.

    One of the bedrooms is what you call a box room.About big enough for a bed and chest of drawers if you are lucky.

    Under new rules on rent rebate,as a couple we are to be allowed one bedroom or lose out on rent rebate.

    Now we sleep in separate bedrooms,not because we have fell out or anything but health reasons.She has back problems and my tossing and turning disturbs her sleep.I also have kidney problems,that makes me physically colder than her.This means I have more blankets than her.If she were to sleep in my bed she would be to hot,me in her bed would make me to cold.

    The Tories sold of the Council Houses,that is why there is a shortage.Labour did not reverse the problem.And neither built enough social housing.

    I have done a lot of work on my rented house.The front and rear garden are flagged in colourful flagstones with borders for flowers and shrubs.I bought all new internal doors to make it look nicer.I have lived here for 54 years and thought of it has my home.

    Now the Government wants to price me out.I never thought of it as a short stay hostel but a home.A home is were you set roots.I don't want to leave my home yet.

    Has we get older a smaller two bedroomed home may be what we want.But at the moment our grandchild comes and visits us and stays in that small boxroom.Its fine for short stay visitors.I could envisage the old Soviet Union dictating how many rooms you have,but never a British Government.

    If they seriously want to reduce the rents Landlords charge.Why not have a housing officer visit all rented houses and impose a fair rent.Better than taking it of the poor.

  2. Can I just say; I love that you've tagged this post "twat".

  3. @Jan

    Other tags I use include "lying twat". That's normally reserved for Daily Mail writers though... ;)

  4. Good post George and Anon gives grant Shapps the kind of lesson in reality that he needs.

    Twat is the right word for him. In this case the right adjective would be "stupid".

    I note that the chairman of the Tory Committee that deals with buildings described him as a stupid kid.

    So he says kid and we say twat.... Let's call the whole thing off.

  5. It's a disgusting idea.

    Allocation of social housing should be awarded on a 'most needed' basis, there is simply no justification for any other kind of weighting to be applied to the decision. This may mean someone with a job is top of the list, it may mean someone without a job is top of the list, but so long as that person is the one most in need what does it matter if they are employed or not? Seriously, have people forgotten the whole reason for social housing in the first place?


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