Friday, 16 September 2011

An exceedingly good birthday present

The Total Bollocks Annual Willy Waving Contest (as the excellent Jennie Rigg refers to it), otherwise known as the Total Politics Blog Awards 2011, is currently in the process of slowly publishing the results in the various categories. Today they published the top 100 Liberal Democrat blogs and...

The Potter Blogger came 11th! (jointly held with Peter Black AM) This is definitely a very nice 21st birthday present, coming as it does with a finely crafted button to put on my blog. They haven't made the button available for download yet but as soon as they do then I'll be putting it up here very proudly (I'm an egotist, wot you gonna do abou' it?)

But it is especially welcome given that I only started blogging last November. I never expected to do this well so I's like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me :)

I'm also pleased to see that Caron Lindsay (probably my favourite Lib Dem blogger) came second out of all the Lib Dem bloggers (first place is inevitably held by LibDemVoice). Another individual who did very well was Andrew Reeves who sadly died earlier this year. I never met Andrew myself but everyone I know says he was a brilliant man and Lib Dem who will be sorely missed. Apparently he was very supportive of my home party of Guildford in the past and it is a fitting tribute that his blog ranked 4th.


  1. And you haven't even seen the BOTY shortlists, have you? You're up for best new blog!

    Congratulations on 11th position - I think that's been held by both Andrew Reeves and Stephen Glenn in the past so that's quite a heritage.

  2. well done George :) quite an achievement

  3. Well done, George... and very well deserved.


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