Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Summer Holidays

In an almost vain attempt to catch the last of the summer sun, I am currently on a camping holiday in Devon with my father and my brother. I'm typing this on my laptop sat in a field somewhere south of Exeter with my fingers gradually going numb.

As a result of being on holiday, my blogging activity has decreased somewhat. However, I do have one very important post which will be going up tomorrow and which I'd like to ask any bloggers who read my blog to cross post onto their own blogs.

Anyway, I'll be paying a visit to Guildford on Friday to attend my local party's quiz and pizza night and Saturday service will resume as normal whether my readers want it or not. Hopefully by that point I'll be able to announce that the amendment to the ESA motion will have been submitted to the conference committee who will then decide whether to allow it to be debated.

But right now I am going to go inside the tent and snuggle up in a sleeping bag before I turn into an icicle. Toodle pip.


  1. Good luck with the amendment.

    Hmmm... holidays in Britain. Not such a good idea, I fear; certainly not camping ones.

    I'll certainly read your post tomorrow, and if it's suitable for Munguin's Republic, I'll certainly post it up over there.

    Bonnes vacances!

  2. Thanks very much tris.

    I don't know why it is but for some reason I've always preferred my holidays wet, windy and lacking in basic facilities. As such, camping seemed the perfect holiday :)


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