Thursday, 4 August 2011

Policy briefing on ESA motion published

I've just received a copy of Liberal Youth's policy briefing on the ESA and WCA motion (drafted by yours truly) which they are sponsoring at autumn conference.

The motion has changed somewhat from the version I reproduced in my recent blogpost on the issue. The new text is 80 -90% the same with most of the changes being mostly aesthetic and reflecting new developments since the motion was drafted.

I'm also pleased to see that it includes Liberal Youth's reasons for supporting the motion, the personal view of Liberal Youth's president and details of support already received. There's also a mention of a meeting scheduled to take place between LY representatives and ministers at the DWP where they anticipate getting support for the motion. Personally I'm a little sceptical about that last bit as I imagine that, based on his past record, Chris Grayling will give plenty of warm words but won't budge an inch on anything concrete unless it saves money but it's still a step forwards.

In order to make it more widely accessible, I've converted it into google docs format and published the policy briefing here.


  1. George, check Sue's blog.

  2. Have done, thanks very much for your suggestions and I've submitted them to Liberal Youth with a request to change the motion as you suggest.

  3. Hi George...
    thankyou so much for putting forward a motion on ESA... I'm not used to this so i hope this comment is in the right place & you get to see it... I just want to back the campaign on carerwatch to include in the motion a request to make the 'WRAG non toxic & without threats & sanctions'...
    I am one of those On Incapacity benefit & I receive idefinite DLA... I have physical disabilities amongst which the worst are epilepsy & vertigo... I also have serious depression & chronic anxiety issues... I presently would be in the support group & need to be... If I am wrongly put in the WRAG on transfer to ESA I will not be able to meet the expectations & this fear has caused me to relapse... I don't feel I will survive all this but especially without any safety (quite the opposite!) in the WRAG...
    I support all action against corrupt & unfit aspects of ESA but feel that the massive danger of the WRAG is getting lost... please add the danger of the WRAG to your motion...
    thankyou & best wishes...

  4. I'm sorry I didn't see the above requesting not be anonymous... even so i don't know how to do it the other ways...
    best wishes...

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm sorry to say that I don't think I could get anything about the WRAG into the motion now as only minor changes are possible at this stage. However, I'm not entirely sure but I think there might also be a motion about DLA going forwards to conference and hopefully it'll be mentioned in there.

    I'm hoping that the bit in the motion about ensuring assessments take into account medical evidence will deal with problems like those you're facing and, if not, I'll try and get a follow up motion to go to spring conference. Try and hang in there, I can't imagine how tough it must be but hopefully the side effects of this motion will force the government to halt the migration and overhaul the entire system.

    Also, don't worry about the Anonymous comment thing. The main reason I request it is because if you've got several people debating each other it can get quite confusing if they're all called Anonymous. The simplest way of saying who you are is just to include a name in the comment (e.g. From George) but it doesn't really matter so much in a comment thread like this where nobody's arguing with one another.

  6. HI George,
    thankyou very much for answering me.. I am also hoping that the motion will mean medical evidence must count... I would not be in this state if my Consultant & GP counted & I've only realised through the last year that they perhaps do not!.. How crazy!.. Does this mean I should disregard their opinion too?!
    The WRAG is full of horror & for 1,000's will be the killer! Extremely vulnerable lives can only be lived once no matter how difficult... The WRAG must be addressed & I hope you will keep it in mind, investigate it & put it forward anywhere possible...
    Thankyou again for the care of your response... I feel heard...
    best wishes... Nita

  7. Hi George

    Do you know on which day of the Conference the motion will be tabled? Many thanks

  8. I think it's going to be debated on the Saturday but I can't be certain until the agenda is published.

  9. Just show them of what they have done to me George over the years and how i look like today out of a prisoner of war camp if i was well enough to attend any conference and speak i would win any debate hands down even if i kept my shirt on but with it off and the stories of how i have been treated by the DWP over the years i would leave the conference spell bound

    It will probably be an image like mine that will kill off the bill or someone worse then me god forbid

  10. @fourbanks

    The really sad thing is that I doubt we'll ever be able to get justice for all those who've suffered at the hands of the DWP and I doubt that those responsible will ever be held accountable either.

    But I'm confident that the motion will pass and that finally this travesty can be brought to an end. I really can't see how anyone could oppose the motion once they know the facts,

  11. Just do your best George if my image doesn't work and how i have been treated over thirty years by the DWP which is longer than nelson Mandela then nothing will

    And thank you from the bottom of my heart

    My daughter is off to uni in September studying international politics she is also a liberal like yourself and does few things for the local liberal Horsham branch

    All the very best George


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