Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I hate Creative Assembly

Right, I utterly hate the computer game company Creative Assembly (the makers of the Total War franchise).

Out of all the games they've produced, the original Medieval Total War (MTW) is widely considered to be the most enjoyable and their are still many, many fans who continue to play this game in preference to the later games in the series. However, MTW has a slight flaw in that it refuses to work on any computer system more advanced than Windows XP.

On Creative Assembly's official forum for the game the very top discussion, one which has been going on for years, is one about this problem and ways to try and fix it - none of which work. And yet, despite all this time and the huge number of people still interested in playing the game, Creative Assembly have yet to fix the problem. I recently started trying to play MTW again because I remembered how much fun it was and I have wasted hours trying to fix the problem with my version of the game.

So, in conclusion, Creative Assembly clearly doesn't give a f*** about it's customers or give any regard to providing anything approaching decent user support. In short, as far as I'm concerned, they can go die in a hole.

My next step, in case you're wondering, is to try and acquire an old PC or laptop running XP - at least that way I might once again be able to play what is otherwise £30 of money down the drain.


  1. Might I suggest VirtualBox? (

    It should run quite well on a modern Windows computer, and I have used it regularly for virtualizing Windows XP.

  2. Well... Considering I was playing MTW on my pc a few days ago.. and it's running Windows 7.

    Also.. do you really expect a company to create a patch to change a game engine not used anymore for a game 10 years old?

  3. @Delvin, Thanks I'll give that a try.

    @Anonymous, usually I wouldn't expect them to release a patch for a game ten years old. But given that people are still buying the game, given that there are still thousands of players still playing the game, given that the game has something of a cult following and given that the company still hosts a forum for the game on their website then you think they could have bothered to do something about it after four years of people experiencing problems.


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