Sunday, 21 August 2011


This Monday I'm going back to uni to resit an exam. I'm also going to be resitting another exam on Tuesday. Unfortunately, like most politically active students, I'm afraid I spent a little too much time politicking and not quite enough time revising. In fact, as it happens, a lot of my fellow politically active young people can be heard voicing the common refrain of "I would have got a first if it hadn't been for politics!"

The exam I'm resitting on Monday is for the module Electronics VI and I have to confess I probably revised it the least of all the exams as it was the material that I disliked the most. So for the past week I've been revising it (or, rather, not so much revision as "vision") and reminding myself of the numerous forms of procrastination - such as blogging about stuff when I should actually be working on it. Fortunately I've got a much better handle on the material this time round and my only regret is that at resit you can never get more than the pass mark as I've got a feeling that I'd otherwise actually be in with a pretty good shot of getting a good mark in it this time.

But that's definitely a lesson for next time. Next academic year I'll make sure I do the studying first time round instead of ruining my summer holidays with revising for refits. Fortunately it should be easier next time as there shouldn't be any elections to distract me.

So, in conclusion, I think elections should be moved to July. Having them in May interferes with exams. I'll be petitioning Liberal Youth about this issue and I hope to have a motion about it go to spring conference. For more convenient election times! Who's with me?

UPDATE: in case you're interested, I've finished the resits now and they went very well as far as I can make out which is rather a relief.


  1. Hope they went well...

    ... and, yes. A lesson well learnt!

  2. Yep, the exams went well thanks for asking.


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