Monday, 8 August 2011

ESA motion update

The agenda for autumn conference has just been published online and the good news is that the ESA motion is to be debated at 4.15 on a Saturday - a great slot so hopefully there'll be a decent turnout to listen to the debate and vote on the motion.

The bad news is that, despite my best efforts, the changes I hoped to get made to the motion have not been included. However, the president of Liberal Youth Scotland, Sophie Bridger, is currently helping me draft an amendment to the motion to include the changes. These changes are based on the advice of seasoned campaigners on this issue from the sick and disabled community and I see no reason why conference won't include the amendment. Obviously the amendment is currently a work in progress (though I'll publish it on here as soon as I can) but the main changes it makes are correcting some grammatical errors and reintroducing an emphasis on ensuring that assessments are carried out only by qualified medical professionals and on ensuring that the appeals process is speeded up with claimants being given access to support and legal representation.

So, all in all, things haven't worked out perfectly but I see no reason why we can't fix them before things go to conference. As I said, I'll be posting the text of the amendment on here as soon as I can so please do check back if you're interested.

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