Sunday, 28 August 2011

ATOS vs Carerwatch Update

Huzzah! The Carerwatch forums are now back online after Atos finally accepted Carerwatch's offer to delete the "libellous post". I'm still not sure how a link to another website can possibly be libellous but there you are.

Anyway, the entire saga is chronicled over on Carerwatch's blog and, in other news, Carerwatch have just launched a campaign on ESA which very much ties in with the motion I authored which Liberal Youth are taking to conference.

The sad thing is that, despite this victory, there is little doubt in my mind that Atos will continue to bully critics into silence as they have the resources to threaten costly legal battles which disability charities and lone bloggers can't hope to match. All in all, Atos remain, in my opinion, a disgusting organisation which should be ashamed of all it is done. If Atos were an individual then I wouldn't p**s on them if they were on fire.

UPDATE: For a brilliant description of why Atos' actions were over the top, unfair and unnecessary, please read this excellent deconstruction here.


  1. lone bloggers can't hope to match

    No, but we are no longer alone. ATOS's actions over the last couple of weeks has simply welded the disparate bloggers and activists into a cadre of committed volunteers.

    Admittedly we're more Dad's Army than the SAS, but let us not forget "They don't like it up 'em!".

  2. Keep up the good work Mr Potter.A lot in the disabled word are watching you with interest.I admire your idealism,I had it once myself when I was young.
    Age tends to makes people.well me anyway,cynical.I hope you keep your principles and go into politics in a bigger way.We need people like you if we are to change this country.I might even become less cynical.LOL.


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