Saturday, 23 July 2011

For Norway

I was going to write something about the tragic and evil events that have recently taken place in Norway.

But, as always, there are those who can say things far better than I ever could.

And so I'd instead like to point you towards the words of Stephen Glenn which I feel are incredibly apt and which deserve a wider audience. You can read what he's said here. He's written in both Norwegian and English and I strongly suggest you go and read it all.

But if not, here are some extracts:
The only way I can even attempt to think of the impact is to think of all the politically active members if Liberal Youth I know and thinking that maybe as much as one in four of them were wiped out in one horrendous afternoon at Activate. But even that is something that is hard to take in.  
Or maybe one of the summer campaigns I have been on, thinking that a large number of the people on those teams were enjoying an afternoon in the sun and then a large proportion of them being suddenly wiped out.
My thoughts and prayers are with all in Norway at this time. Those who have lost dear ones. But also everyone who cannot believe this has happened in their peaceful country. 
Those young people were hoping for and working for a brighter future. Everyone in the world should take up their torch and ensure that we acheive that in their memory.  
Amen to that.

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