Tuesday, 28 June 2011


There's a report for the think tank Demos out recently. In it it has some interesting findings about attitudes towards Britain's treatment of gay people. One of the findings is that 47% of muslims agreed with the statement "I am proud of how Britain treats gay people". However, just under 20% disagreed with the statement - something which, predictably, has had the denizens of ConservativeHome complaining about muslims and how they don't fit in with our culture and whether they should be treated as British or not and all sorts of other islamophobic comments.

So, I think it's time for some context.

Muslims make up less than 3% of the UK's population. 20% of 3% is 0.6%. So muslims who disagree with equality for homosexuals make up 0.6% of the population. Contrast this with the 5% of the population who voted for the BNP at the general election - a party which is known (amongst other unpleasant traits) for it's opposition to equal rights for homosexuals. 0.6% of the population versus 5% of the population. I think I know which group I'm more worried about.

And, incidentally, I said all of the above in a comment on ConservativeHome. For some reason it didn't get published. Odd that.


  1. I saw no anti-muslim comments on Conservative home. What I saw was an idiotic attempt to hide the obvious problems we have with a large minority of muslims (my point and by we I include the majority of muslims). Please substantiate your obnoxious claim. Also, there are some 3 million muslims in this country out of 62 million. This is around 4.8% not less than 3.

    I pointed out that we should look at the actual numbers and not percentages and this gives around 1 million muslims who support the introduction of Sharia law. I consider people who want Sharia law to be extremists and will guarantee that most of them are men (see Canada).

    The BNP have some disgusting views but they are preferable to those (Anjem Choudary and his ilk) who would enslave this country under the yolk of Sharia Law.

  2. These are the results of a survey carried out several years ago:

    Growing numbers

    The total number of Muslims in Great Britain:

    2004: 1,870,000

    2005: 2,017,000

    2006: 2,142,000

    2007: 2,327,000

    2008: 2,422,000

    Source: Labour Force Survey

    Even using the 2008 figure the percentage of muslims would be 3.9%. This percentage has grown rapidly in the last few years due to immigration and a high birth rate and 3 million is a conservative estimate.

    Are you doing what Conservativehome are doing and trying to hide the extent of the problem?

  3. Fair enough, the figures I was using date back a few years. So 20% of 4% then. That equals 0.8% of the population - far less than the 5% of people who voted for the BNP, or the homophobic Anglicans that make up 4.8% of the population.

  4. Give me a break!!! Muslims execute homosexuals in Iran, Saudi Arabia et alia and you call the Anglicans homophobic. Even the BNP doesn't want to do that or, as far as I understand them, ban them. They appear to want to ban civil partnerships etc.

    The figure for the number of Muslims is at least 4.8% and is, by now, almost certainly greater than 5%. If, as seems likely, the survey on ConservativeHome did consist of 47 people out of 3,000,000 then the percentages they quote are nonsense as the survey is not statistically significant (I am a mathematician and know a lot about it).

    You should note that a number of surveys have shown that many who vote for the BNP don't know their policies on most issues. Many who vote are disillusioned ex-Labour voters who see their jobs being taken by immigrants (a fact that Labour, now, belatedly accepts) and it is an angry protest vote. All they see is a party which says it will stick up for Britain and British workers. They probably don't see all the racist and homophobic undertones. The BNP have publicly toned down some of the things they say if not the things they believe.

    These voters are frustrated because no-one in Government seems to listen to them or even care. The Conservatives are trying to do something about uncontrolled immigration but are being opposed by the idiotic Liberal Demoprats. I can understand the voters frustration.

  5. Ah, whataboutery. What about the Ku Klux Klan? What about the crusades? What about the burka ban in France? See, I can make irrelevant statements as well. And I'm not calling anglicans homphobic - merely pointing out that those of them who are make up a chunk of the population larger than that of those muslims who are homophobic.

    The 2008 figure gives less than 4% muslims and even if every immigrant since 2008 has been a muslim then they would still make up less than 5% of the population. You don't need to guess about the survey on conservativehome, you can go and look up the data tables and you will see that it was a perfectly valid and correctly weighted survey by an accredited pollster. Even if you are a mathematician that doesn't make you a statistician. And I'm fairly certain that I know as much maths as you do any my maths is probably more recent than yours.

    And yes, the people who vote for the BNP generally don't know all their policies. However, BNP voters are generally socially conservative and tend to be at least mildly homophobic.

    The conservatives are ignorantly on the verge of wrecking our economy by keeping out the skilled labour we need for high tech industrial growth whilst doing nothing about unskilled immigration. The Liberal Democrats are trying to enable the skilled labour we need to still come into the country. Just ask business leaders if you don't believe me.

    Oh, and "Liberal Demoprats". Good one. I'll be sure to add that to my list of "hilarious" anti-lib dem insults.

  6. I don't usually say this kind of things on blogs but you are an idiot. You wrote "or the homophobic Anglicans" and then say you didn't call Anglicans homophobic. Idiot.

    The Muslim population has grown dramatically in recent years through immigration and, especially, through a very high birth rate. Idiot.

    My degree in mathematics contained a substantial amount of statistics. I doubt you know 1% of the maths and stats that I do. Idiot.

    The Conservatives have plans to allow skilled workers to come here. Clegg stated at the last election, and he is supported by Cable, that he believed in uncontrolled immigration and also wanted to give amnesty to illegal immigrants who had been here longer than 10 years. Idiot.

    What else would you call people who fully back the NHS reforms and vote for it in Parliament and then, because they are rightly smashed in the Council elections and lose the vote on the silly AV referendum, turn round and say they will no longer support them? They are prats. Idiot.

    Now, please write what you please as I won't be coming to this idiotic site again and won't see it.

    Bye bye Georgy

  7. Let me rephrase it so you can understand:

    Christians make up 70% of the population. 60% of christians are anglicans. Those anglicans who are homphobic make up 5% of the population. That is what I meant by "the homophobic anglicans" - to put it another way, I could have said "those anglicans who are homophobic".

    Yes, the muslim population has grown? What of it? I'm just pointing out that they still make up far less than 5% of the population. And if pointing out the facts makes me an idiot then I wonder what that would make you.

    I studied statistics at A Level and as part of my engineering degree have spent a lot of time looking at statistics as well. I'm not a statistician but I know enough to be able to tell when a survey is reliable or not. The survey referenced is reliable. Check the data tables if you don't believe me.

    Clegg and Cable stated that they supported a points based regional immigration system to channel immigration to where it was needed and keep it out of places where it wasn't needed. Show me a single source for them, or our manifesto, supporting "uncontrolled immigration". And yes, there were plans for an amnesty. This is because there are anywhere between 400,000 to 800,000 illegal immigrants in this country working in the black economy. Nobody can find them so they can't be deported. A one off amnesty gets them into the legal economy and paying taxes. In any event, there's a pre-existing automatic amnesty for anyone who's lived here more than 12 years.

    The NHS reform bill was supported on the first reading because that's standard parliamentary procedure. The decision to oppose the original version of it was made at spring conference back in march. Idiot.

    I do intend to hold you to that promise not to return as any future comments from you will result in them being removed. Fingers-in-ears trolls who resort to ad hominem attacks are not welcome on my blog.


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