Monday, 27 June 2011

Boris and Ken: a plague on both their houses

So, Ken Livingstone has decided to call the Lib Dems a "venal sub-species".

Now it's a shame he said that, for three reasons.
  1. It's an idiotic thing to say as Lib Dem second preferences will be crucial in determining whether it is Boris or Ken who wins the 2012 London mayoral election.
  2. It's an incredibly nasty and insulting thing to say which has put me off Ken completely. Which is a shame because:
  3. I used to prefer Ken to Boris Johnson. Mainly because the latter's record as mayor consists mainly of breaking promises, ignoring everyone who disagrees with him and hiking up fares at a rate far above inflation, hitting the poorest people in London the hardest.
So, unfortunately for Ken, unless he apologises (which I doubt) I imagine he's just lost any sympathy he had from Lib Dems and as a result will probably lose the mayoral contest.

Well, fine by me. As far as I'm concerned, it's a plague on both their houses for Boris and Ken.

So, fuck it, I'm backing Lembit.*

* This statement is not to be quoted. Any favourable references to Lembit are only to be taken seriously in the event he is selected as our candidate for London Mayor and does a good job at it. At no point should this be taken as an endorsement of the Cheeky Girls.

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