Sunday, 1 May 2011

What do Liberal Democrats stand for?

As Matthew Gibson points out the main problem that Lib Dems have is that only about 11% of people agree that the Lib Dems' vision for society matches their own. The rest of our support just comes from people supporting us on a policy by policy basis - such as tuition fees - without being interested in backing us long term.

So, here's what I see the Liberal Democrat vision for society as:

Liberal Democrats believe in a fair society. One where people can rise and fall on their own merit - where everyone is afforded equal opportunities regardless of race, creed, sexuality, gender or wealth. One where everyone is educated according to their ability and desires. One where first rate education is available to all - not just the wealthy. A society where the state exists only to provide a helping hand and level the playing field where required - not to interfere where it's not needed. One where communities are given the tools to take charge of their own lives and local services - to run them as best suits their needs instead of the dictatorial tickboxes of an authoritarian, centralised and faceless bureaucracy. A society where people are free to live their lives without interference - where live and let live is the fundamental rule - and where the state exists as a defender of liberties and freedoms - not to trample on them.

A society where poverty is abolished. A society where a child from the poorest family has the same chances as a child from the wealthiest. A society where even the most disadvantaged are afforded a decent standard of living.

And, above all, we believe in freedom. We believe in freedom from the triple evils of poverty, ignorance and conformity and we exist solely to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society for all.

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