Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Official: Ian Tomlinson unlawfully killed

An inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 summit in 2009 has given the verdict that he was unlawfully killed.

The jury was not permitted to name the police officer who killed him but it is public knowledge that he was PC Simon Harwood - who escaped prosecution and is still a member of the police force.

Here's what the jury said about Tomlinson's death:
Mr Tomlinson was on his way home from work on the 1st of April 2009 during the G20 demonstration. He was fatally injured at around 19.20pm on Royal Exchange Buildings ... This was the result of a baton strike from behind and a push by the officer which caused Ian Tomlinson to fall heavily. 
The jury said both the baton strike and the push were "unreasonable". 
"As a result, Mr Tomlinson suffered internal bleeding which led to his collapse within a few minutes and his subsequent death." The jury decided that at the time of the strike and push Tomlinson was was walking away from the officer and "posed no threat".
So, whilst this verdict will no doubt come as a relief to Ian Tomlinson's family, the real story here is that PC Simon Harwood killed an innocent man who posed no threat to him. As we all know, the police then tried to cover this up - for example, they claimed that they were unable to provide him with medical treatment because protesters threw a hail of stones at them. The only problem with that claim was that a video later emerged showing that, after Ian was struck by the police officer, the police ignored him and it was only the protesters who went to his aid - protesters, incidentally, who weren't throwing anything at all.

Here's how the police originally announced the incident:
A member of the public went to a police officer on a cordon in Birchin Lane, junction with Cornhill to say that there was a man who had collapsed round the corner. 
That officer sent two police medics through the cordon line and into St Michaels Alley where they found a man who had stopped breathing. They called for LAS support at about 1930.
The officers gave him an initial check and cleared his airway before moving him back behind the cordon line to a clear area outside the Royal Exchange Building where they gave him CPR. 
The officers took the decision to move him as during this time a number of missiles—believed to be bottles—were being thrown at them. 
LAS [London Ambulance Service] took the man to hospital where he was pronounced dead. 
And of course there was then the initial coroner's report which said he had died of a heart attack - the same coroner who had already provided incorrect verdicts in two previous cases and whose verdict was contradicted by all the other coroners to look at Tomlinson's body.

And please let's not forget the attempted hatchet job by newspapers friendly to the Met who immediately painted Ian as a homeless drunk - as if that made his death somehow less important.

So, let me put it bluntly. PC Harwood - an officer who had previously been investigated twice for violent incidents - killed an innocent man and the Met let him get away with it. PC Harwood is still on the force and has suffered no consequences for murdering another human being.

PC Simon Harwood - remember the face of a killer

Perhaps now justice will be done - but I doubt it.

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