Tuesday, 3 May 2011

David Cameron and the No campaign are liars

I'm afraid I am now quite pissed off with the No campaign for its constant lying and with the media for not pulling them up on it.

So here's a list of lies from the No campaign which have been repeated by the Prime Minister.

  • AV will cost £250million - LIE. This figure is based on including both the cost of the referendum (which would be spent no matter the result) and vote counting machines which both the Electoral Commission and the Government have confirmed will not be introduced.
  • AV is not "One person, one vote" - LIE. The US Supreme Court, the Political Studies Association and all relevant experts on electoral systems have confirmed that AV is still one person one vote.
  • AV will help the BNP - LIE. The BNP are campaigning against AV precisely because AV is the strongest anti-extremist system - at the moment the BNP get councillors elected with 24% of the vote, under AV they'd need 50%.
  • AV will lead to constant coalition government - LIE. Australia has had AV for 90 years and has only had two coalitions whilst in the same time period we have had four. In any event, hung parliaments are becoming more likely under FPTP already so all AV would do is make sure that the hung parliaments which do occur are ones in which the majority of the country had an MP they voted for - instead of a third of people which is what we have at the moment.
So, if on the 5th of May you want the No campaign to regret lying to and trying to deceive the British people, if you want David Cameron to regret acting like a duplicitous snake, then vote YES and give yourself a better democracy.

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