Sunday, 3 April 2011

Update:Being a candidate and other stuff

The sharper eyed of you may have noticed something new at the bottom of my blog, it reads:
Promoted &published by S. Doughty on behalf of G. Potter (Liberal Democrats) all at The Hall, 53A Woking Rd, Guildford, GU1 1QD
This has appeared because my nomination papers are now in and I'm officially (or will be in a couple of days) one of the two Lib Dem council candidates for Christchurch ward. The other candidate is the excellent Lizzie Griffiiths

Being a candidate is very exciting - not least because I'm going to have my first leaflet going out in a few days. As you may or may not know, the fundamental tool in a Lib Dem candidate's tool box is Focus. Focus is a local news leaflet which all good local Lib Dem parties send out four times a year - plus extra ones at election times - and it's one of those leaflets that we'll be sending out to every household in Christchurch. I don't want to go in to too much detail just yet (in case any tories or labourites are reading this in hope of discovering our campaign strategy) but here's my bio for the leaflet (first draft, so it may be revised before the leaflets actually go out):
"George went to school in the local area and is now at the University of Surrey studying engineering. He has been actively campaigning against the rise in tuition fees and is concerned that the double whammy of debts from university and a high cost of living will exclude local young people from living in Guildford. He gives high priority to affordable housing. “I think it's wrong that this Tory-run council has taken money from the affordable housing budget to pay for their new G Live civic hall.”
The way that the tories have wasted money on G Live is a pet hate of mine as it is a prime example of them essentially making the vulnerable suffer to fund their pet projects. Yes, Guildford needs a new civic hall, and yes the basic concept is a good idea, but when they effectively steal money from the housing budget to pay for it then I find it disgusting. And yes, I did say "steal" and that's because they've taken £10 million pounds from the housing budget and given no indication of when they're going to give it back - probably not for another ten years. It isn't actual theft but it is effectively robbing the four thousand people in Guildford in need of housing in order to pay for an expensive, over-priced vanity project.

And that's not all, I've already mentioned multiple times how the tories waste money, misspend it and ride roughshod over the will of local people. And what's more, they then have the sheer gall to lie about it in their leaflets and proclaim that, for example, they're standing up for the elderly while in reality they're closing day centres for the elderly and have scrapped the shuttlebus that many elderly people relied on to get in to the town centre. Meanwhile we have a local Labour party whose website is an eyesore,who lie through their teeth (so no change from Blair) and who just put a leaflet through my letterbox which doesn't mention a single issue affected by the elections we're having at the moment. (Tip for Guildford Labour: stuff like tuition fees comes under the purview of parliament and the roads come under the responsibility of the county council - neither will change based on the result of the borough council elections.)

And, while I'm ranting about Labour, here's a few facts they seem to have conveniently forgotten. It was Labour that broke a pledge and introduced tuition fees and it was Labour that broke another pledge and increased them. It was Labour who commissioned the Browne review which recommended removing a cap on tuition fees altogether. If Labour had won the last election then right now students would be facing unlimited tuition fees. It was also Labour that saddled us with the national situation where we're adding billions to our debt each year and are paying £250 million in interest alone each day.

Not that it makes much difference as Labour only have slightly more chance of running Guildford council than the Peace Party does.

Right, rant over. Now, what I really want to get across is this: I'm really happy to be a candidate, I hope I win and I urge everyone to vote Lib Dem to stop the tories wrecking Guildford any further. Vote Labour if you want but all you'll be doing is letting the tories in.

P.S. Yes, I have mentioned before that I don't like it when people are forced to vote for the candidate they don't really want just in order to keep another out but unfortunately that's what happens with our current voting system. If you don't like it, back the Alternative.


  1. I'll make sure I look up your result. Looking at the 07 result, assuming I've got the right one, it seems both councillors elected were tories but with the libdems coming close behind. And Labour being nowhere, so it'll be very interesting to see how much your vote falls and how much labour benefit from it.

    I sincerely hope you're hammered as the lying cheating bastards that your are and that your personal vote is at least halved from 2007.

  2. Hello again Anonymous.

    The 2007 result is indeed the correct one and yes it will be interesting to see how Labour do though I'd be surprised if they got more than one councillor elected.

    I know you won't be able to, but perhaps you could give an example as to how I'm a "lying cheating bastard" given that I always try my utmost to be honest and protested against the tuition fee increase. Or perhaps you could explain how Lizzie is a lying cheating bastard given that she only joined the party recently and that her main activity so far has been concerned with stopping the closure of the nursery that her children go to.

  3. @potter

    "lying cheating bastards" - notice it is a plural. Do you really want me to list all Nick Clegg's lies?

    "joined the party recently and that her main activity so far has been concerned with stopping the closure of the nursery that her children go to."

    Don't tell me, its a central government funded sure start I right?

  4. @Anonymous

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Nick Clegg is an individual. So either you are saying that Nick Clegg is a lying cheating bastard or that we all are. Please make your mind up as to which one.

    And no, the nursery is not a surestart centre - it is an ordinary council nursery which is being closed to makeway for a (cheaper) music group at the school. There's no need for it to be closed as Guildford borough has one of the lowest cuts to funding in the country and has tens of millions of pounds of reserves - plus there is the scope for efficiency savings which the Lib Dems on the council have identified. In short, if we were running the council we could make the cuts required without touching frontline services at all - and reopen some closed frontline services into the bargain.


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