Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Scotland to collapse into anarchy

On the 5th of May, Scotland will go to the polls to elect members of the Scottish Parliament. This will be done by the method of election known as Mixed Member Proportional Representation (MMPR). Incidentally, they'll also be voting in the AV referendum.

Now, as we all know, AV is ridiculously complicated and the voters won't be able to understand it. But Mixed Member Proportional Representation is even more complicated so, assuming the dire predictions about the effects of AV are correct, we will obviously see the entire Scottish electorate in an even direr position than they would be under AV so the entire election will descend into chaos and Scotland will be plunged into anarchy.

Scottish politics prior to the introduction of MMPR

After all, that's exactly what happened in their previous local elections (done using STV and AV) and Scottish parliament elections. Right?

Scottish politics after the introduction of MMPR

Vote No to AV - you're too fucking thick to understand it.

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  1. Of course, recently the "Daily Mail" said that the Scottish Parliament is elected by AV.

    I voted in the 1999 election- nothing complicated about having the two separate ballot papers.


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