Wednesday, 6 April 2011

No2AV definitely running out of ideas

So, twelve days ago I wrote a post about how the No campaign's "weekly reason to vote no" had been the same for five week's running.

The day after I wrote that piece they changed the weekly reason to the following:

Pictured: inaccuracy at every level possible

It's now been twelve days and that's still their "weekly reason". Now, the last time they kept a reason up for five weeks I wondered whether they were running out of ideas. Now it's clear that they definitely are running out of ideas.

And, incidentally, this "reason" is just as much bullshit as the last given that the PSA just published an unbiased briefing paper which, amongst other things, stated:

AV’s known effects

  • AV would increase voter choice – between but not within political parties.  
  • AV would reduce but not end tactical voting.
  • AV would uphold the principle of “one person, one vote”.  Every voter would still be treated equally; each vote would count only once in deciding who is elected in each constituency.
  • AV would give weight to second and lower preferences as well as first preferences.  The merits of this move can be debated.
  • AV is not a proportional system.
  • AV would not eliminate safe seats, though it will probably reduce their number.
  • AV would not cost much to implement.

[Emphasis mine]

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  1. cheers for the link, very interesting read.




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