Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Debate with Jeremy Hunt

Tomorrow it will be exactly seven days till the AV referendum so from 7.30pm tomorrow evening I will be going up against Jeremy Hunt MP (Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport) in a public debate about AV at the Georgian House Hotel in Haslemere.

I'll be on the panel in my capacity as a member of Surrey Fairer Votes - we've had two debates with him so far and we've won one and lost one so this debate will  be the final face-off. Hmm, I'd better put on my war face:

The Potter Blogger's war face is so terrifying that it would break
the internet - please accept this picture of a cat as a substitute.
So today and tomorrow I'm going to be preparing for the debate. To be fair, the debate shouldn't be too hard  - AV is a simple system and the arguments in favour are fairly simple to make. In contrast the No campaign have very few criticisms they can accurately make - and if Mr Hunt cares to make inaccurate claims then I am fully prepared to call him out on it.

So, Mr Hunt, you have been warned. If you prepare yourself and conduct yourself in a manner befitting a gentleman then perhaps we can go to tea afterwards like civilised people.

Pictured: an unparalleled source of moral fibre and fortitude


  1. I was present at both the debates and I just wondered on what basis you can say that the yes campaign won one of these, particularly as a straw poll was only taken at the second meeting (where the no argument won an overwhelming majority)

  2. Something must be wrong with FPTP if Caroline Lucas was elected for the Greens with less than a third of the votes cast. What is fair about that?

    At every UK election since 1945, the majority of voters have voted against the Tories! They have never had a majority of the public vote.

    Is there any basis in Jeremy Hunt's claim that under AV Labour would have remained the biggest party in 2010? My research on the web suggests that the Tories would have been the largest party. One source for this is:

    Jeremy's website says meeting is now at 7.30pm.

  3. @A voter

    For the first debate I'm going on what I was told by Sagar who was there.


    It's not just the tories who have never had more than half the vote - there hasn't been a government in over fifty years that the majority of people voted for.

    Labour may or may not have remained the largest party at the last election under AV - it's impossible to say as voting patterns change significantly under different voting systems. The only thing that can be said for certain is that the Lib Dems would probably have done a bit better but it's anyone's guess how they would do under AV with their current poll ratings.

  4. Labour might or might well not need stayed the most significant celebration in the previous election underneath AV - it truly is not possible to express since voting patterns vary somewhat below various voting approaches. Is the Lib Dems will have achieved somewhat better however it is anybody's guess they would perform below AV together by using their survey evaluations.

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