Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Potholes and how the council wastes our money

At some point over the past few days the county council evidently sent someone round to fix one of the many potholes in my road. Here's a picture of the "repair":

The Potter Blogger finds this unacceptable
As you may have guessed from my tone, I'm not entirely pleased with this. And it's not just because there are about a dozen other potholes on the road in desperate need of repair. The problem is that this repair is as good as useless.

Look at it, it's not even sealed. All they've done is come along, squirt some tarmac into the hole, roll it flat and drive off. It won't last six months. For one thing, without being sealed around the edges, water will work it's way in, freeze, expand, and weaken it. And, because it's not a smooth edge, every car that drives over it will break it up just a little bit more. The whole thing will crumble and break up in no time at all and become another contributor to the grit and gravel littering our road.

But even if they had sealed it then it still wouldn't have lasted. See, unless you clean and dry the inside of the pothole first, the tarmac won't bind to the existing surface and moisture will be trapped underneath it. So come winter that trapped moisture will freeze and expand and start to break it up from within.

In short, all this repair does is spend several pounds worth of ratepayers money on a repair which won't last and will cost more money in the long run since they'll have to be back to redo it in six months.

If they'd done it properly then they'd have cut out a square containing the entire section, sealed the edges and then squirted down the tarmac before compacting it and rolling it flat with the surrounding surface before sealing it.

So far the tory-run council has paid out over a million pounds in compensation to people whose cars were damaged driving on Surrey's roads. Meanwhile, they're pleading poverty for being unable to repair the roads properly. So instead they make short sighted repairs like this which will cost them more in the long run. After all, all they're doing is making a temporary fix which will fail quickly. At that point the contractors will be called out to make another temporary fix. And all this does is save money in the short term but in the long term rack up lots more, expensive, short term fixes.

What the council should do is close the road of completely and have the whole thing resurface properly. If they do that then it should last for a good few years. But that doesn't just apply to my street, it applies to the whole county. Unless they have the guts to spend a bit more money upfront and fix the roads properly we can look forwards to them wasting our money on pointless repairs for years to come.

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