Sunday, 6 March 2011

The only decent Daily Mail article ever

I was shocked to be linked to what I can only describe as the only decent article ever to appear in the Daily Mail. It's by Dominic Carman, the Lib Dem candidate for Barnsley. All I can say is that he's my new hero. Also, the people of Barnsley (or the majority) are fucking stupid. Here's an extract from the article:
Local sentiment is summarised by one man who tells me: ‘No one is gay in Barnsley. If they are, they leave.’ 
A white man approaches me in panic on the street. He tells me he is from Luton, and has moved recently with his black partner:

‘Can you do something to change attitudes here if you are elected?’ he asks frantically.

‘Whenever we go into local pubs, people openly call my partner “n*****” and “w**”, and no one says a word.’ 
I promise to do my best. So what sort of campaign did I run? For 18 straight days, 12 hours a day, I worked the crowds in the local market and knocked on doors, canvassing votes from local residents. Normal by-election stuff.
Quite frankly, the people of Barnsley come across as disgustingly, tribal, insular and backward. Now, I know that as a politician it's unwise to make statements like that, but quite frankly I don't fucking care. I didn't mind about our election result in Barnsley - after all, people are free to vote for whom they wish and I understand that the majority of people don't agree with us. But the people of Barnsley... Well, to put it bluntly, they don't deserve a Lib Dem MP. A BNP MP would still be too good for them. Here's another example from the article:
Several people confide in me that Labour candidate Dan Jarvis, an Army major, born in Nottingham, is a ‘scab’. 
The reason? He’s from Nottingham, I’m told. It’s the place where miners went back to work and broke the strike, attracting the epithet ‘scabs’. 
The fact that Jarvis was 12 at the time and that none of his family were miners is deemed irrelevant by those who see Barnsley life through a narrow prism: a fixed view of the past.

‘You’re all bloody foreigners,’ says one woman, referring to the fact that neither Jarvis, myself nor the Conservative candidate, James Hockney, are from Barnsley. 
The fact that I was born and brought up in Manchester makes it worse. It’s no joke.
Openly disparaging the nearby cosmopolitan hubs of Leeds and Sheffield, some Barnsley people have never even visited either city.
Yeah. Utterly backwards and prejudiced. All of this has led me to one conclusion. Dominic Carman is my new hero. That and I'm never going to Barnsley if I can help it. Not for at least twenty years.


  1. "Well, to put it bluntly, they don't deserve a Lib Dem MP."

    LOL, you don't deal with rejection very well. You must be in a right state when your boyfriend dumps you.

  2. Natasha Chapman6 March 2011 at 16:40

    As a Lib Dem, I wasn't happy about the Barnsley result but also wasn't that bothered by it. Reading about what people there are actually like I'm shocked that we did better there previously and, coming from people who would call a black person derogatory names and hate anyone who isn't from their own area, am starting to view the rejection as a blessing in disguise. What a horrible place.

    @Anonymous- If you're the same guy as before, BRIDGE. Get back under it.

  3. Anonymous, congratulations, you have missed to point of this entire article, and I must award you this much coveted trophy for your advances into the field of sheer ignorance.

  4. @Chris

    Ermmmmm, I'll graciously accept your award if you explain how this article is supposed to be ironic, if it was then the subtlety was way beyond me. Else you can stick said award back up your bumhole.

  5. @Anonymous

    I didn't claim there was anything 'ironic' about this article. I simply find it saddening that your petty political factionism takes president after reading it. So you can keep the award, you've truly earnt it.

  6. @Chris

    "I didn't claim there was anything 'ironic' about this article."

    So what is the hidden meaning/point?

    "I simply find it saddening that your petty political factionism takes president after reading it."

    I've read both Carmen's rant and Potter's snooty asides. If there is a hidden meaning I can't see it, all I see is invective at the people of Barnsley because they didn't vote libdem.

    "So you can keep the award, you've truly earnt it."

    I'll be happy to accept once you explain the point to me, if it isn't just you guys being sore at coming sixth. To say the people of Barnsley don't deserve a LibDem MP is the equivalent of a 6 year old picking up his ball and going home when the other team score a goal.

  7. @ anonymous. Your looking for a hidden meaning when in fact the meaning people are trying to point out is right there in the open. The majority of the people of Barnsley appear to be bigoted, insular and racist to a point that would make Nick Griffon proud.

    Yet you only see petulance from someone who was rejected because they had the nerve to try and campaign on values of equality and liberalism. Yeah well done. I guess people will always dig desperately for a hidden meaning when what's right on the surface shows something so ugly.

  8. Do I have to be the first to point out that anecdotal evidence in the street isn't statistically valid across a whole town?

    One black person's opinion in one area doesn't mean a whole place is inherently racist. There is a lot of self-serving argument here. It essentially boils down to 'I didn't win because the people in Barnsley are backward, racists...etc etc'

    To me this reads like, what is called in psychology, a fundamental attribution error. A tendency to blame someone else's internal disposition for one's own, or one's in-group failures, rather than external circumstances.

    The opposite is also true, in that people will take credit for success as their own doing, and because of their internal qualities, not just the good luck of having things fall into place for them.

    This is prevalent across most people, so you don't need to worry about it. However, you should be aware, that it happens, and your own personal view is not the same as the truth. Personal anecdotal evidence and facts are not the same things.

    And I am a Lib Dem myself - I can't stand people who act this bitter, when we were beaten fair and square. Man up, and realise why we lost - not because of the people in Barnsley, but because of how we have behaved as a party. It's hard in politics to admit getting things wrong, but we certainly have.

    That's the trouble about democracy though isn't it? There's always someone who doesn't agree with you.

  9. Since my previous comment quickly disappeared - to surmise quickly, look up what a Fundamental Attribution Error is, and consider if this article is unbiased and factual. I think not.

    Seriously, if Lib Dems blame everything on people being racist bigots (sort of like Gordon Brown did prior to the election) then we don't stand a chance. Lets be grown up and argue on facts and what is actually happening, as opposed to pointless anecdotal nonsense.

  10. Sorry for the delay in some people's comments appearing. For some reason the filtering software marked them as spam and I didn't get a chance to restore them until this evening when I got home from conference.

  11. Er, this may be the only time I have ever defended Gordon Brown, but he clearly did not "blame everything on people being racist bigots", rather remarking than an old woman was a racist bigot, when she actually was. He kept it to himself though, because that's not entirely behaviour becoming of someone trying to win votes. Why is why, as much as I respect Dominic Carman for doing his best in difficult circumstances, playing the racist card does seem a bit disingenuous. The fact is we are going to be about as popular as AIDS in places like Barnsley for quite a while, but because they are Labour, not because they are racist.

  12. Actually Jack I don't think that the old lady was a racist bigot. What she was was someone who's been fed a diet of twisted facts and scare stories over immigration by the media and then had the Labour government go out and confirm it all by demonising immigrants and trying to be as draconian as possible on border controls. It's not surprising that she's against immigration but that doesn't make her a bigot. It makes her a victim of an unethical press and an unprincipled government.


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